November 12th, 2002

Zoner en fuego!

Day one...

Ok, I should crash but I wanted to get this down.

So, I was yawning all day since I got shit for sleep. But other than that, things went ok. It looks like there is a lot of work to do. One person has been juggling a lot of the work and he needs me to pick it up ASAP. One of the first things that I'll be doing is a quick clean up on their docs. I tried to do an install with the docs today and ran into many glitches. Some bugs in the files, mostly messed up docs. Then it looks like I'll be diving into the Perl they have so far to get that working (their current interface system is ASP, they want to be able to support Perl ASAP - then PHP).

I discovered their firewall blocks all the IM networks. At least I couldn't make them work with Trillian. I don't know if the dedicated clients might have some tricky ways around it (like using port 80). I also found that SSH is blocked as well - but Sidehack runs a second sshd on 443 - which I could hit. Thank you sidehack admins!

I'm still nervous, since it has only been one day, and the amount of work waiting to be done is daunting. But I feel a bit better after a day. I'm starting to understand their application and the architecture, so I think I can get a grip on it.

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Well, overall I had a decent day, but I must crash now, I can get six hours of sleep - if my brain cooperates.
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