November 21st, 2002

Zoner en fuego!

Wow, very nice Windows LJ client...

When I started using LJ I downloaded the original Windows client (Visions) and it was ok, but seemed to lack some of the things the website form had.

Last night I decided to download ljwin32_sema - an evolved client.

Very nice, IMHO. I recommend it.

The only downside is that it doesn't have a built in spell checker. The one in the Visions client is licensed for LJ, but they haven't worked out the license for Semagic yet. Right now it is setup to use the MS-Word spell checker - but I don't have that on my system.

So, if you post from Windows, check it out.
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Zoner en fuego!

Things are going well... what's up with that?

This is freaky. I'm struggling a little at work - but that's just having to come up to speed REALLY quickly. The actual tech and tasks aren't anything I can't handle, there just isn't any time for me to do the orientation -> training -> development path that might be 'normal'. More like 'start developing and sort it out'. I worry about not being able to do enough, fast enough, but I've been getting compliments from my boss and co-workers, so it is probably just in my head. My boss is good, I think I'll like working for him. And I like the other people I've worked with so far.

Oh, one little glitch - I killed the network printer. :-) We have an Imagerunner on the network and I tried to get printing from Linux to work. The particular model wasn't in the list, and I couldn't find anything online about it, so I tried another Imagerunner driver and when that didn't work, some of the other Canon printer drivers.

Then the printer stopped working.

Canon came out and it just needed to be reloaded - looks like one of the drivers I used loaded something into the printer and wedged it completely. Enough that a reboot, and power cycle, didn't help. Now that we know how to fix the printer when it happens, and the Canon guy said they can help us configure UNIX/Linux print services on the printer, we'll probably try again sometime. Like when out CEO isn't upset about the main, color network printer being dead for a day. ;-) But hey, I was told to see if I could make it work - and I never thought sending a print job could lobotomize a printer. Live and learn.

And on another front, gizmoek and I are really getting along well. She's dropped by to visit several nights this week. We're acting like kviri and frozencapybara used to at the Shamrock House. We're all cuddly and kissy and would probably give any housemates fits because we're acting so cute and happy. :-) Good thing I live alone. We're both very surprised about the situation, but we're both also very happy. This is cool.

I took my car in for service tonight - got both 'your car may burst into flames' recalls taken care of, and had the 15k service done while it was in. One more thing off the ToDo list.

Oh, and I got digital cable yesterday. Yay BBC America! Yay Nick Toons carrying Invader Zim! Yay having TiVo!

Good times.
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