November 25th, 2002

Zoner en fuego!

Good weekend...

Ah, the end of a good weekend.

Friday I worked late - partly because I'd overslept somehow (I don't know - killed my alarm or something) so I was an hour late getting into work. And partly just because I had some things I was trying to get to for days and never did, and it would've bugged me all weekend.

gizmoek dropped by for a few minutes on her way to work, and it is always nice to see her. Then I watched some TiVo to relax, and *CRASHED*. I slept in very late Saturday. I was very, very sleep deprived and I felt a LOT better after that sleep. Still not recovered, but better.

Saturday night was dinner at the Marche Movenpick at the Prudential. Gizmo came by and we went off to meet up with the rampaging horde: mephron, z_gryphon, slarti, kviri, frozencapybara, jehanna, solipsistnation, ardaniel, mindways, keshwyn, lagaz, and Ben *mumble*. (Sorry.) After a yummy meal we were off to mephron's hotel to hang out for a while and share old stories. Perfect way to spend an evening, IMHO. After most people left, Gizmo, Meph, Gryph, and I sat around and chatted for a while. Gizmo and I got back fairly late and crashed.

Sunday morning Gizmo had to head home to do some yardwork, and I re-crashed for some more catch-up sleep. Sunday night was the usual Sunday night Worcester Gweep dinner, this time Chef of India, then louging at usagijer's, chatting and watching some Hellsing.

We also got gizmoek a sidehack account - 'gizmo'. Yay, she joins the gweep collective! :-)

Now I'm winding down, I'll be sleeping soon, ready for this short work week.
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Zoner en fuego!

What is my major malfunction?

Why the hell am I always late for things? I don't *want* to be late. I don't think it is funny, even if I do joke about it. I don't enjoy being an asshole. I don't like pissing off my friends, or having a reputation for always being late. I don't really care for the jokes about how it must be the end of the world when I'm not the last one to a gathering - but the fact is that the jokes are only told because it *is* weird when I'm not. People just *expect* me to be late. Friends budget for the 'Zoner being late' factor, and they shouldn't have to.

Why do I continually try to sabotage myself like this? I'll plan to leave early, and I'm still late. I know when I have to be somewhere, and how long it will take, and I walk out the door late enough that I'll have to speed all the way to have any *hope* of being on time. And I'm usually late.

And then I get a nice new job, and I come in late. No excuse, no reason. I don't even know *why* I was late! My alarms went off, I got up, I didn't turn on the TV or the computer (other than to sync my Visor - no login, no web, nada - on, press sync, walk away, come back later, off). But I was still very late. It is like I just zombified for a while and lost 30 minutes somewhere.

Now I've started my day all pissed off, with myself, and stressed out.

What the fuck is wrong with me?
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