November 27th, 2002

Zoner en fuego!

Fscking snow

OK, OK, snow is pretty. I like looking at it, and I'd love to live somewhere, like on a hill, where I could look out of my window and see fields and trees covered in the pretty white stuff...

...unfortunately I live in a ground floor apartment in Worcester in a densely settled area. Out of my windows I can see - the buildings next door.

So I get up this morning, a little early because I expected some snow. And I find at least 6 inches of snow, with more coming down. OK, I'm going to be late... I shovel my walk, and around my car. And clean off the car.

Now, I live near a corner where two streets meet - not cross. Both streets are uphill away from my place. One is mildly sloped, the other is steep. This is Worcester, where plows are scarce. Also, my street is highly cambered, and fairly narrow - with cars on both sides. So I pull out of my driveway - and the nose of my car heads *down* the hill. Right, I'm not winning that fight. There is a minivan stuck downhill from me, trying to get up the hill.

I try to back up the hill - no dice. I try to turn around - right... My wheels just spin and I slide down the hill and/or off to the side of the road. So I eventually work my way past the minivan and down to the end of the street where it kind of levels out. Then I get a running start and try to use momentum to carry me up the hill. It works, and I make it past my driveway and continue - until someone else blocks the street and I have to stop, on the slope, where the camber is extreme. Fsck.

Trying to restart I basically just went sideways into the gutter. I managed to get the car to spin around and drove/slid back to my driveway and decided to pull in and start over. Of course, there is this bit *dip* where the camber of the road rounds down into the gutter and my driveway humps up. And I get stuck there again. Right... So I go get the shovel and dig out more of the snow around the wheels, etc. Finally free, I manage to pull into the driveway, out of the street, for a re-think.

Once the street is clear of other people trying to leave, I back out, then back all the way down the hill to the level part. (What, you expected me to try to turn around? I just went with physics.) So finally I get another running start, struggle to keep the wheels from spinning (good thing I have a stick *and* traction control - even with both they spun some), fight to keep from sliding off the hump of the road into the parked cars - and make it up the hill, and onto Rt.9, where conditions are much better - if not great.

It took me over *90* minutes to leave my house this morning and MAKE IT OFF OF MY STREET! Between the shoveling, the sliding, more shoveling, more sliding, spinning, creeping...

I'm grumpy and sore.
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Zoner en fuego!

End of day quiz.

You're Walter, the loyal servant of the Hellsing family. Calm, rational, and faithful, you put everyone around you at ease. You are quick to make others feel comfortable, and think of others before yourself. You sometimes tend to fade into the background, and would have little purpose in life if separated from those you've dedicated your life to.

Which Hellsing character are you?
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