December 3rd, 2002

Zoner en fuego!

MegaZone's MegaSale - 75 auctions, TiVo, anime (normal and hentai) and non-anime VHS and DVD

Yeah, I'm selling a butt-ton of stuff. I've been building up a backlog of things to sell on eBay, and over the past few days I finally listed it all. Special highlights:

- One of my expanded TiVos. Living alone I don't really need *2* giant TiVos, so I'm selling one. Philips HDR212 Series1 298 hours, TurboNet card (Ethernet for TiVo), Lifetime subscription - starting $600. That's the cost of an 80 hour unit with lifetime, after rebate.

- The "Public Performance Rights Included" release of James Burke's 'Connections' - $300. That's half-price. Great for training, club showings, etc - like it says, the rights are included.

- Lots and lots of anime, both normal and hentai, on VHS and DVD. (And a few non-anime titles.)

I made a convenient web index to the listings.

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Zoner en fuego!

Fscking power outages and sleep deprivation

Last night, with 2 auctions left to list, my power went out. I waited a while to see if it would come back, with my UPSen bleating. (Memo to self, put ADSL TA and gateway on UPS.) After waiting a while, unable to sleep with the noise, I just shut down everything, turned of the UPSen, and crashed.

The *ONE* fscking thing I missed in my 'turn if off' run? THE LIGHT IN MY ROOM! Damn it. So around 5AM the power comes back on and I wake up immediately. And it was *cold*, since the heat is a gas heater in the kitchen and the fan I use to move it is, duh, electric and the suplimental heat in the other rooms is electric. So I'd turned it off since it was just making the kitchen roast and not heating much else.

So, being startled awake and unable to crash I went around and turned things back on. And still up I entered those last two auctions, and now here I am posting. I'm just getting sleepy again - by my alarm goes off in 20 minutes. Today is going to SUCK SUCK SUCK. I think I might head in early and see if I might be able to slip out early. This shoots tonight for me too, I'm going to be dead. I expect I'll come home from work, eat, and crash.

Oh, and I think I'm getting a cold since I was very sniffly all day yesterday and it is starting again now.

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Zoner en fuego!

Finally, the end of the day...

I didn't end up coming in early, but I was on time. I was so out of it I just took my time getting ready this morning. I was dragging all day and made a few stupid mistakes, and just forgot how to do a few things. But now it is time to head home, finally. Food. Bed. Good.

A few bids have started to show up on my auctions too, which makes me feel better. For some reason, every time I put up a batch of things on eBay, I get tense until I see some bids start to trickle in. I feel better once I see a lot of things with bids. I'll feel much better if someone bids on the TiVo and the James Burke Connections tapes...
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