March 7th, 2003



I did end up calling (well, emailing) in sick today. I crashed out early last night, but was up and down all night. I didn't really get rest, I feel like shit, and I don't seem to have a thermometer in the house to check my temperature. (Memo to self, buy a new one.) I know I used to own one, I probably abandoned it when I moved. I'm up right now, but have NO energy, and as soon as I drop into another trough I'm going back to bed - until I wake up again in a couple of hours, most likely.

Yes, thanks to those who have expressed concern, I have been drinking my fluids - water and OJ. Taking vitamins and meds. I am taking care of myself, don't worry.

Even if I had gotten rest, I'm not feeling at all up to shoveling out my walk and car... Ugh... I may not leave the house for a couple of days, I hope it melts or something.
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Zoner en fuego!

That's a mental image

"Like a spider, the Creeper Derek climbed the towers." - Modern Marvels

Yeah, I know, derrick, but the way I heard it is funnier. ;-) Derek is The Creeper...
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