March 26th, 2003

Zoner en fuego!

*grumble fsck mutter* Spurious errors

Ok, Paul, our ops dude, tightened down the PIX between some of our internal subnets. Ok, I can't blame him for that, it was a bit lax. He forgot to punch the holes for some things though, like UDP 53 (that's DNS folks), TCP 25 (SMTP aka email), and such. This caused the Linux box I maintain on the DMZ to suffer breakage - it became unreachable via SSH (even with TCP 22 - couldn't verify the host keys, I'm thinking DNS issue), and the emails it sends from cron, and when certain web forms are submitted, couldn't get out.

Ok, so I went down to the cage to work on things from console. Paul and I sorted things out, got 53, 25, 123 (NTP) and all punched through, and the mail got sent...

Ok, well, the only Linux box in the cage is this one, so 'ssh localhost'. Failure. 'ssh [IP]'. Failure. 'ssh' Failure. WTF?! Ok, nothing on the firewall logs, this is local. SSH broke at the same time? Well, the last connection I made, the other day, was to run 'up2date' and patch the box. Ok, maybe that broke something - but I applied the same patches to the two Linux boxes on my desktop and neither of those has a problem. So I beat my head against ssh and sshd for a while, thinking I must be missing *something*. Google produced some interesting data - but they were red herrings. Not that I knew that before spending some time chasing my tail...

I eventually got frustrated enough that I decided to go back to my cube where I could type comfortably - ie, not on a rack mount keyboard that is too high for sitting and too low for standing.

It fscking works. I can ssh into the remote box from my desk. WTF?!

ok, 'ssh localhost' - fails, just like in the cage.

You're shitting me, I just wasted time and drove up my blood pressure on an error that isn't? *mutter*

Oh, it works if you're root. Apparently 'ssh localhost' doesn't work as a non-priviledged user. I really don't care why it doesn't. I just wish I'd known that a few hours ago.

I'm going to lunch now.

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Zoner en fuego!

I do like my job...

...but sometimes I think my temperment is better suited to academia. On a day like today I'd like to be walking around a campus, or doing my work from outside via WiFi... When I have the chance to visit friends who work in academia I envy the environment and projects a bit. Yeah, they have to deal with professors and students, but they also get to righteously lart idiots from time to time. I suppose this is just 'the grass is always greener', nothing really serious. I want to be solipsistnation, messing with clusters and oogling co-eds. :-)
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Anime MZ

Attention people who have 'friend'ed me...

Ok, I hadn't checked my LJ friends list in a while and I did so today to find a number of people who have added me to their friends list. A few people I recognized, either right off or after looking at their journals, but there are a number of people that I just don't know who they are. If you've added me as a friend and I have not added you *AND* you think that I would actually know you, let me know. If you're just some Eyrie fan or a complete stranger who likes to read my LJ, that's cool, but I'm probably not going to add people I don't know from outside LJ (ie, real life, private foruims, etc) to my list. If you want to let me know who you are, that's fine - but I'm not making any promises about adding people to my list. It is already long enough that reading all of my friends' entries can take a while.

Reply by commenting to this entry. Thanks.
Zoner en fuego!

Making the groups...

I needed a mental break so I spent a little time finally making a few groups in LJ. There are a couiple of private groups, but I also make some public groups for things like comics, newsfeeds, geeky stuff, etc. So you should be able to play with those if you want to check them out.
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Zoner en fuego!

Unintentional offense - and trying not to offend - how do you handle this?

A comment to my earlier post relating to my friends list starting me thinking about something I've mulled over a few times in the past.

There are people who have me listed as their friends that I have not, in turn, listed as my friends. Some of these people *are* friends in real life, I just don't read their LJ for one reason or another. Some never post anything anyway, some are very verbose, etc. And there are people who are Eyrie fans, or that I know casually, and I just don't have an interest in reading their journals for whatever reason. Mostly the volume of what I read is already overwhelming at times.

There are even more people that I have marked as friends who have elected not to mark me as a friend. I generally don't think about that - if someone wants to avoid my LJ, that's cool. There are a couple that I've known for a long time that I was a little surprised by, but not offended or anything...

The main issue is that I know that some people *do* take offense, or are hurt, when they 'befriend' someone and it isn't reciprocated. I don't like to think that I'm upsetting anyone because I decide not to put them in my friends group - there could be any number of reasons why I don't do so. But sometimes I think I should just lump everyone into friends and basically abandon it as a useful grouping - creating other groups to reign in what I read. That way anyone and everyone who befriends me gets reciprocated and no one has to think "Why did X get on his list when I didn't?" Because the odds are very strong that it isn't personal anyway. I might just do that - create a new group and edit all of my old 'friends' posts to be to that group - I don't think there are that many...

Does anyone else worry about shit like this, or any I just oddly obsessing over a minor issue? Most of the time I don't think about the list - as I said earlier, I hadn't really looked at my list in a long while until today. Do other people have tricks for handling their friends lists on LJ? Or do you just do what you want and let people suck it up? I tend to lean towards the latter, but I still don't like the idea that I might be unintentionally upsetting someone, or that someone thinks it is a deliberate snub. I can like someone and still not really want to read their LJ...

A related issue is IM. I've had a few people get upset with me and seemingly take it personally because I didn't reply quickly to an IM. Or we were having a casual conversation - you know, and IM back and forth every few minutes or something - and I left the PC for work, etc. It seems like there is an expectation that if you're logged into IM you're ready and willing to talk at all times. Well, I'm not. I keep it running because it is a way for friends to catch me if they need to reach me in a more timely fashion than email. So at work IM starts when I login, and runs all day. At home I'll often fire it up and leave it running - but that doesn't mean I'm sitting in front of my screen waiting to reply. I very strongly dislike features that watch your activity and let people know how long you've been idle, or not, so I disable those. It is no ones business - especially since it makes it worse, if I'm working on something it shows that I'm not idle so people then expect me to jump on their IM. So I started setting myself as permanently 'busy' or 'away'. (Sometimes I forget with Yahoo since Trillian won't remember 'busy' across sessions for that, but it does for AIM, ICQ, and MSN.) I didn't feel like dealing with people getting pissy about me not being able to chat at the drop of a hat, and I felt like I either had to do this or just never use IM at all. Since I do still find it useful, I went with being permanently 'busy'.
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Zoner en fuego!

QOTD - "It's cheese with a lesbian aftertaste"

From a post to by Christopher Hortin <> (Message-ID: <>), refering to the group "Tatu":
"Because I enjoy the music. Lyrically, it's cheese with a lesbian aftertaste..."

The phrase "It's cheese with a lesbian aftertaste" completely broke me.

It also reminds me that I want to pick up their CD..

(For those who may notice my music listings, yeah, I've had the same 2 CDs on repeat all day... *shrug*)
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