April 14th, 2003


Gah, reamage

MA $824
Fed $2669

Those aren't refunds, but the real fun part was doing them.

1. Months ago I picked up all the forms. Today I couldn't find any of them. I tore the place apart but finally gave up. So I ended up using TurboTax online since MA sent me a voucher for efiling last year - it ended up being free for both fed and state. Small win.

2. After going through all of the forms it wanted some info from last year's return. Ok... um... or not. I found every return back to 1996 EXCEPT 2001! WTF?! I tore the place apart, again - hey, I found those forms I couldn't find before! *mutter* I never found my 2001 returns. Maybe they're in one of the boxes I never unpacked, I looked through many of them but didn't exactly empty the entire stack. So I couldn't answer all the questions, but it accepted the form as submitted. *shrug*

3. Ok, finally finished, time to print out the forms for my records. Or maybe my printer will run out of ink. Ok, dig out a replacement catridge. Great now... it'll jam. *mutter* Ok, resume... run out of paper. *sigh* Reload... "Please insert paper into automatic feeder..." I just did... "Please..." OK! "Please..." WTF?! *resist throwing printer across room* *fiddle* Printing...

4. Paid for federal taxes with a credit card, including the service fee for doing so. Not too bad I suppose, and I'll get miles. But MA doesn't accept credit cards, so I'll have to mail a check today - fortunately I have just enough in my account to cover the state tax. I'll have to pull the money out of my retirement account to cover the cc bill that'll be coming, but I expected to pay with that money anyway.

Grumble, it took hours longer than I expected. It's the middle of the night, I've got to be up for work. Not the best way to start the week. Of course, this is my fault for procrastinating in the first place. I could've done them back in February.
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Zoner en fuego!

Anyone going to the Seattle Museum of Flight? Boston Museum of Science?

So, anyone going to Seattle? Want some free passes to the Museum of Flight? See, I'm a member and every year for the past 3 I've received 6 free passes. I live in MA. I haven't been to Seattle since the trip when I went to the museum and joined as a member. I have 18 Guest Passes. They don't seem to have any expiration. It doesn't say anything about being accompanied by a member, but there is a phone number I suppose I could call and check if anyone needs to know.

Anyway, I really don't have use for *18* of these things, or even *1* in the foreseeable future. So if anyone has use for some, let me know.

I also have a bunch of Boston Museum of Science passes. 2 exhibit hall passes, 2 Planetarium passes, and 4 Omni theater passes. The first expires 12/31/03, the others 06/30/03. No note about having to be with a member. If you want them, let me know. Because I have *6* expired Omni passes, 2 expired Planetarium passes, and 2 expired exhibit hall passes - but they told me that if *those* are accompanied by a member with a current member card, they're still accepted. So I have backups if I ever get around to going... (I could probably organize an outing I suppose...)

I think I may even have more lurking around my apt.
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