April 18th, 2003

Zoner en fuego!

Cellular provider opinions - bluetooth support

Ok, last fall I was gung-ho about getting a new Kyocera 7135 Palm phone. Well, Verizon finally has them in, and I went in and poked at the *one* they have for demos at Solomon Pond. It is indeed nifty, just a big bigger than my Star-Tac, and selling for $499. Which is what I paid for my Star-Tac the day they hit the street. And if this were last fall I would've ordered one then and there.

But it isn't, and PalmOS 5 devices are out, with better performance, nicer displays, and bluetooth support. I've had a chance to play with both the Palm Tungsten T and the Sony Clie NX-70V. I know the 70V doesn't have BT, but it has the same form factor and screen as the NZ-90, which does. The physically larger screens, which are hi-res (320x320 & 320x480, respectively) are *so* nice. There is also the Sony Clie TG50, which is 320x320 with a keyboard. (I'm also considering digital cameras, and since the NZ-90 has a 2-megapixel camera built in, that'd probably satisfy me. And for ~$665 (pricewatch.com) the cost about the same, or less, than a similar camera plus a standalone OS5 PDA.)

I couldn't bring myself to settle for the smaller display, lower power, and older OS since I use my PDA a lot more than I use my cell phone.

Since Verizon seems glacial about adding bluetooth to their lineup, I'm looking at other options. It looks like at least AT&T Wireless and T-Mobile offer one or two GSM phones with bluetooth. I really don't care much if my phone is CDMA or GSM, GSM coverage is a LOT better today than it was 5 years ago. I thought Sprint had a bluetooth phone for their PCS/CDMA network, but I don't see one now.

Does anyone have experience with bluetooth support from any cellular provider? Barring that, any experience with AT&T Wireless and/or T-Mobile? I live in Worcester and work in Marlborough, and spend most of my time between Worcester and Boston, so huge roaming areas aren't *to* important. I do travel a bit though.

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Zoner en fuego!

This is really awe inspiring technology

The Audi-Oh! is here.

Audi-Oh! is a revolution in stimulation technology for men or women. Sound is converted into infinitely variable pulses of pleasure. Audi-Oh! can use ambient sound, like the music in your favorite club, or direct audio input from devices such as portable CD players, MP3 players, your PC or home audio and video systems. You'll find a million ways to use Audi-Oh!

The fact that it can use ambient sound to produce the vibrations puts a whole new spin on going clubbing, I think.
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