April 29th, 2003

Zoner en fuego!

Long Day

Well, today was very busy, which hasn't been unusual. I never got to lunch, and I needed to go shopping on the way home, so I stopped by Beezer's in Northboro on the way home. Nice night, so I ate outside off the shelf in the back of my PT. :-) unfortunately the lid popped off my soda when I picked it up, the cup kind of crushing, spilling a bunch of Pepsi on the back of my car. Fortunately mostly out side - on the bumper, etc. And I keep an old beach towel in my car for just such emergencies - really, it comes in handy. So it wasn't a disaster.

Then I went shopping, which I've been meaning to do for *weeks*. Since I was out of a ton of stuff, I spent around $300. Ouch. And I try to be a good boy and use coupons and everything. I even deliberately picked up a few brands because I had some coupons - then I forgot to give them to the cashier. I remembered as I was walking out. Grumble.

Then I got home, unpacked, got out of my work clothes and called a friend... noticing my message light was blinking. It is good news, bad news from my landlord. The good news is indeed very good, and welcome - but in the short term it is fucking annoying. The little driveway/parking spot I have is getting paved! It has been VERY rutted, and turned into a mud pit when thawing this spring - the surface thawed, but the frost was still in the ground. Yucky. So cool, it is being paved.

Which means I can't park there for a week or so as they do the work then it cures. Of course, I'm parked there right now. I came home to find someone had laid a bed of gravel and such and packed it down. And I figured "Cool, the landlord had the parking area leveled out." So I parked to unload. Now I know that was just the base layer for the paving. And now I have to get dressed and go move my car - hopefully there is a place to park on the road close by.

So a couple of little annoyances tonight.
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Zoner en fuego!

Testing new LogJam 4.1.2, perl, and snobbery

1. Just installed LogJam on my Linux box at work. This is my first post with it - hope it works.

2. Got two things done on the Perl today - jack and shit. Spent some time working with a customer, some time installing things from CPAN, and a bunch of time pouring over the docs on XML::LibXML to make sure I know what the hell I'm doing before I'm up to my elbows in the code. I also discovered I have another file to port, as my boss had forgotten to check it into CVS. This doesn't look like it will be too bad. I just wish I'd gotten more real code done.

3. I took the snob test, and my results were:
35% SNOB. Keep trying, MegaZone, and you may just qualify for the VIP lounge before the year is out. In the meantime, be aware that at 35% you are to the world of snobs what Fergie was to the British Royal Family: a big embarrassment. When you're next at a party, remember that the person everyone's pointing and laughing at is you.

Yeah, I could've told them that.
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Zoner en fuego!

Well, that's planning ahead

I just got invited to be a Guest at Genericon XVII at RPI, Troy, NY. (The website is for XVI.)

Genericon will be held Friday, January 16th through Sunday January 18th - 2004.

I guess they like to plan ahead!

Yeah, I plan do to it. I was a guest once before, XV I think, maybe XIV...
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