May 1st, 2003

Zoner en fuego!

Indecision clouds my vision

ARG! Analysis paralysis! I want a new PDA, badly. I'm finally getting tired of this Visor Deluxe that I've used for years. I know I want a new OS5 PDA with a high-res color screen. I'd pretty much decided on the Sony Clie NZ90, which has OS5, a 320x480 display, BlueTooth, 100MHz ARM CPU, 16MB RAM, MS & CF expansion, etc. Then Palm released the Palm Tungsten-C which has OS5, a 320x320 display, Wi-Fi, 400MHz ARM CPU, 64MB RAM, SD/MMC expansion, etc. Both have keyboards, Sony has the Jog-Dial for one-hand use and Palm has the 5-way D-pad. I want BlueTooth for when I'm mobile, but I can get an SDIO BT card for the Palm. (And I can get a CF Wi-Fi card for the Sony, and soon MS Wi-Fi.) The major difference is the Sony has a built-in 2-megapixel camera which can take 1600x1200 photos, and I do want a digital camera. The Sony is also a fair bit bigger physically. I found the Tungsten-T for $440 shipped on Price Watch, and the NZ90 for $640. The Sony Clie TG50, which is closer in design to the Tungsten-C, with 320x320, 200MHz CPU, 16MB RAM, BlueTooth, etc, is $348. That's kind of a tertiary option because of the BT. If the T-C had BT, I probably wouldn't be debating this...

The clamshell, flip-screen design of the Sony looks like it'd be easier to type on when stationary since you can have it like a mini-laptop, with the KB flat and the screen angled up. But the Palm is a lot more compact, and it should perform like a bat out of hell with that CPU and RAM.

What's the deal with the Palm SDIO BlueTooth cards - I'm finding two of them. One is marked as 'multilingual' for $85, the other is $98. As far as I can tell they're the same thing.

I was close to buying the NZ90, I should've done it before the T-C came out...

Opinions? Anyone use either one and want to sway me?
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