May 2nd, 2003

Zoner en fuego!

Warning - Palm SDIO BlueTooth card doesn't work under OS5

I definitely made the right choice buying the Clie NZ90 instead of the Tungsten-C. I'd presumed that since the T|C has an SD slot and the SDIO BlueTooth card is out, that it'd work - BlueTooth being on of the reasons I'm upgrading my PDA.

Well, last night, before I caved and snapped up the deal on the NZ90, I emailed Palm asking a few questions on the T|C. They replied today, informing me that the Palm SDIO BlueTooth card does not currently work in any OS5 device, that it is pending resolution.

I don't recall seeing that mentioned before, so I thought I should share.
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Missing appointments sucks

I was supposed to have a dental appointment at 12:20 today. Standard checkup/cleaning, and I was going to ask about the on/off ache in one tooth (it seems to be mostly 'off' now, but I've been paying special attention to that area when brushing and letting the Listerene sit there for a bit to soak things, just in case). Well, I was running a little late (ME?! NEVER!), but still probably would've made it on time. I mean, they're like 4 blocks from my house, very close.

But the dental office isn't where I thought it was. Since their address is 63 Lincoln Street, I expected it to be on, oh, LINCOLN STREET! Not set back behind the Girls, Inc. building down a sidestreet. No part of their bulding faces Lincoln Street! Since there are other medical buildings just past the side street, and I know the numbering in that area, I had thought it was part of that group of buildings. I mean, it isn't on the other side of 290, and right next to 290 is Girls, Inc, then the street, then the medical buildings. What would you think?

So it wasn't in there, I back-tracked and spotted the sign set back on the side street. Then it turns out it is a two-level building, built into the side of the embankment, so the front door is some other office, the dentist is up-back. So I ended up getting there around 12:30, to find that, since I was late, they'd given my slot to someone else. So I just filled in the paperwork that I had to do as a first time patient anyway. They tried to tell me they had no slots available in May (!!), so I mentioned that I had a "mild toothache" and, well, there was this open slot on Wednesday, May 7th.

So I miss more work next week. Fortunately my bosses are cool, and we've all been working long hours lately, so I've still done my full week's work even with missing this morning.

And I thought this'd be out of the way today.
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Zoner en fuego!

YAY! TOY! aka "I am such a geekboy."

How do you know you're a geek? When you get excited about buying new toys like a kid on Christmas morning, and you can't wait for UPS to deliver it. Especially if you keep checking the tracking info, even though you know it won't update more than a couple of times a day.

I snagged a new Sony Clie NZ90, plus Wi-Fi module, plus extra charger, plus two 128MB MemorySticks off of eBay last night, and it was sent today. And now I'm acting giddy, excited about having a new toy coming to play with.

Maybe it'll keep me from talking about TiVo for 5 minutes. ;-)
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Zoner en fuego!

A good salesperson makes a big difference - GSM decisions

So, after buying that Clie last night, I need to decide which cellular provider to go with to get BlueTooth to use for data services. Around here it looks like my choices are T-Mobile or AT&T Wireless. I've been researching both online for a while, and they have similar plans.

I stopped into both stores tonight on the way home. T-Mobile offers the Sony Ericsson T68i and the Nokia 3650, AT&T offers both of those plus Nokia 6310. The 3650 is overkill for me - it is a fairly big phone with a large color screen and a built in camera. Well, my NZ90 has a larger color screen and a better camera. Plus I don't know that I care for the 3650's funky design. I'm leaning towards the T68i, but both vendors warned me that the reception on the T68i is weaker than on the other units. The 6310 is a bit bigger than the T68i, and I've heard word that Nokia's BlueTooth support for phonebook syncing, etc, can be troublesome. I'll have to look into it more - but I think the T68i is probably good enough for now.

T-Mobile has better coverage, they've been doing GSM for ~10 years and AT&T started switching from TDMA recently (I know, GSM rides on TDMA, you know what I mean). T-Mobile also has roaming agreements - and AT&T doesn't yet. But, ironically, T-Mobile told me something that makes me feel better about AT&T - the T-mobile rep told me that they have a roaming agreement with AT&T taking effect in June. When that happens I'd be able to use T-Mobile's larger network even with AT&T.

So this is where the subject comes into the picture. The guys at T-Mobile were friendly, and helpful enough, but didn't seem to be that knowledgable about the tech. The person I spoke with at AT&T was friendly, geeky, very well informed, and was happy to chat with me about what I plan to do with the service and about PDAs, phones from other vendors, etc. Not just trying to sell me a phone. I highly recommend Emily Benoit from the Westborough, MA AT&T Wireless store (291 Turnpike Rd Ste 300 - next to the Applebee's) - yeah, a genuine geek girl. Very cute, but she has a boyfriend - yes, that worked into the conversation. ;-)) Tell her MegaZone sent you.

AT&T wants $149 for the T68i, T-Mobile wants $299! Both have a $50 rebate currently. While T-Mobile offers more minutes, or megabytes, for a given price, AT&T is close. And Emily told me she might be able to get me a deal if it just comes down to the pricing.

I was leaning towards T-Mobile, but after tonight I plan to go with AT&T Wireless - pretty much all due to Emily. She knows her shit and she was just very cool about answering questions and generally chatting about tech and such. She also told me about a bunch of new phones they have coming in the next few months and gave me a sneak peak at the product literature, which isn't public yet. Hurray for geek girls!
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Zoner en fuego!

Anyone want to see X-Men 2 tonight?

Earlier today I was thinking about seeing X2 tonight, then before leaving work I got a tremendous headache and felt out of it. But the Excedrin has kicked in and I'm feeling much better, so I'm thinking of hitting the Showcase North - there are showings at 10:40, 11:10, 12:05, 12:10, 12:35. Anyone want to go? (Doesn't have to be Showcase North, it is just my default as it is closest.)
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