May 5th, 2003

Zoner en fuego!


- Still not done with the Perl. Actually, haven't really done much the past few workdays. I've been getting sucked into other things, and I'm still teaching myself LibXML before I get into the code. I want to make sure I know what I'm doing before I go off in the wrong direction.

- I discovered my new phone can take contacts beamed over from a Palm, including entire categories at once. That rocks. It made entering all my work contacts easy. I've asked usagijer to add a CSV export to the Gweep Rolodex (or to let me at the code to see if I can hack it in) so I can mass import into Palm Desktop. That'll make life easy. He's said a few times I just needed to let him know what file format was needed, and I kept forgetting to look it up - turns out simple CSV is all it needs.

- I wasted too much time today trying to make the Sony Ericsson synchronization software work under WinXP on my work laptop. Something is b0rked with the installer I downloaded - it went into a loop. It'd tell me I needed to reboot then run it again to finish the install. So I'd reboot and run it again - but it'd do the exact same things, and then tell me the same thing. Repeat. I never got it to talk to my phone - I was trying to do it over IR. Not too frustrating, since it isn't vital. I just thought it'd be neat to be able to sync my phone.

- My NZ90 is on the way. UPS picked it up at 15:37 in Westmont, IL. The delivery is scheduled for May 8 - but, of course, I won't be home to sign for it. So I'll have to redirect it. So, hopefully, I'll get it on May 9th at work - which is Friday. I wish I could redirect it NOW, but they don't seem to allow that until a delivery attempt has been made. Sometimes it doesn't get to me the next day, which means I wouldn't get it until Monday. I want it to play with this weekend, so I can figure it all out!

- Lots of reactions to my shaved head at work today. Fairly positive all around. I had it shaved when I started last fall, but it was just a few weeks before I let it grow because of the cold.

- I think the pollen count must be up, my eyes itch and I'm sniffly.

- Shout out to spiderourhero
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