May 22nd, 2003

Zoner en fuego!


Well, today was a bit of a mixed bag. I attempted going to be early (for me at least) last night, and I succeeded. However, I did not succeed in remaining asleep. I woke up several times during the night for no apparent reason, then was half awake when my alarms went off at 8. I hit snooze a few times, then hauled myself out of bed to face the day - feeling fairly tired.

First up was the dentist. Time to have both lower rear molars drilled and filled. I was there for my 10:10 appointment and didn't wait long. It was a quick job - both cavities were small so there wasn't a lot of drilling. I was out of there by 10:50 and into work by 11:10 - which isn't much later than I've been tending to drift in anyway. (Though I am working hard on being in before 10:00 on normal days lately.) Not bad - except I was shot up with so much Novocaine, on both sides, that I completely could not feel my tongue and my lower lip felt a foot thick. I was numb all the way down my chin. It was very annoying - I was kind of slurring my speech, and had to be careful not to bite my tongue or my lips.

So, of course, a customer called in for integration help - and I'm the only guy here who could help him since my boss is on vacation. I did manage to get through it without damaging myself, though he might've thought I'd been tying one on. What was most annoying is that the numbness didn't really clear up until after 14:00! I was numb for 4 hours. A horde of people went out for lunch at noon, and i wanted to go, but I didn't trust myself to be able to avoid drooling or chewing on my own flesh, or something since I had no oral coordination. So I ended up not having lunch - which means I'm rather hungry at the moment. (I never eat breakfast.)

The same customer called again later in the day. He's a nice guy, but he seems to be kind of a Cold Fusion novice and he's trying to get his head around our software too. I'm pretty much a complete n00b with CF, but I have a fair bit of general programming background so I can understand it well enough. I learned a bit of the syntax while working on the Perl port, and I could probably pick it up well enough to be productive in a few days. I helped him find a few of the remaining glitches he had in the integrated code.

I also worked with our kiosk engineering group for a little while, helping them to troubleshoot an issue. And with our QA person, helping him try to get a new test environment functioning. I don't really feel like i did a lot today, but I was busy most of the day... *shrug*

A whole slew of people linked to me today on friendster, which is really cool. Yay! I started leaving some 'testimonials' for people I know. I hope more of my friends try it out - and maybe jehanna will get around to approving my link to her. ;-) (Just teasing!)

While waiting at the dentist's this morning I was browsing AvantGo on my NZ90 and ran into some pages that hadn't synced properly. So I told it to work online - connecting via my phone for GPRS. So I was browsing away when I was called - I hurriedly powered off the NZ, and turned off my phone. I didn't turn the NZ on again until I was in my office - and it was locked up, hard. A soft reset didn't help, ejecting the battery didn't help, I ended up doing a hard reset. OK, memo to self, in the future do a nicer shutdown when you have the NZ linked to other devices, it seems to be unhappy when yanked away in the midst of something.

While I'm on the subject, I remembered to buy JackFlash today. JackFlash is a program from Brayder Technologies for PalmOS devices that have a FLASH ROM (which is most of them - only a few used masked ROM). On pretty much every Palm with FLASH, the FLASH has a lot of free space left. For those who don't know PalmOS, it basically has ROM and RAM - the ROM is generally used for the OS and built-in apps, the RAM is used not only for running software (as on a PC) but also to store any user installed applications, data, sometimes OS patches, etc. Well, if you have all that lovely free space on the FLASH ROM, wouldn't it be nice to use it? JackFlash lets you move applications from RAM onto the FLASH ROM, thereby freeing up the space in RAM. I managed to free a few MB of RAM, though I did discover that neither AvantGo nor Vindigo are happy running out of FLASH. (Not all apps are.) So I moved them back to RAM. (AvantGo would run OK, but when I tried to return to the launcher it'd trigger a memory fault and require a soft reset.)

Now I'm off to seek food, then home and probably an early night since I'm tired.
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