May 28th, 2003

Zoner en fuego!

I was thinking of buying a PS2 this summer...

Recently Sony announced that they'd be bringing the revised PS2, now out in Japan, to the US this summer - and selling it with the Network Adapter bundled in for the same price as the current model. So I was thinking I might break down and finally pick one up, since I haven't have a current generation console around since moving out of the Shamrock house - where kviri had a PS2.

Well, early 2004 isn't so far away - maybe I'll just wait for the PSX!

This sounds like a DVD/DVR/PS2 merge. I wouldn't be surprised if it uses the TiVo system for the DVR in the US, since Sony has broad licenses on the TiVo tech. It is the basis of their proprietary Cocoon system in Japan, and in the US they sell TiVo units like the SVR-3000.
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