June 1st, 2003


The folks at my local Domino's are screw-ups

Every once in a while I decide I want to get some Domino's - but it seems like they have trouble with things.

Two orders ago I ordered Domino's Dots - they forgot the dipping icing. Ok...

Tonight I ordered the Buffalo Kickers (aka boneless wings) and Dots...

The Kickers come with two sauces - the slots are marked "Heat It Up" and "Cool it Down". So the Heat side has Hot Sauce, ok. And the Cool side has - Marinara? Isn't that supposed to be "Blue Cheese"? Not that I mind this that much, since I loathe the Blue Cheese.

Ok, now for some Dots... Oh, *there* is the Blue Cheese! Mmm-mmm, nothing I like dipping sweet cinnamony puffs of dough into more than BLUE CHEESE!

What do you think we're going to use more of, Buckman, the coffee? OR THE LARD?!
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    DVD: The Transporter
Zoner en fuego!

Zoner's abridged The Transporter.

Drive drive drive. Fight fight fight. *BIG BOOM* Have sex with the babe. Fight fight fight. Drive drive drive. Fight fight fight. Win. The End.

A very silly, and fairly violent, movie - I approve. And she *is* a complete babe. Love the way they worked in the shot of her in soaking wet panties, especially the close up of her ass.
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Ok, obviously not the world's tightest script - but if you turn your brain off for a bit, it is fun.
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