June 9th, 2003

Zoner en fuego!

The weekend is over...

(First, I've never seen the "Lyre, Lyre, Hearts on Fire" episode of Xena before... yes, a musical episode of Xena. This is, um, interesting...)

I ended up staying up WELL past dawn. I went to bed sometime around 08:00 - but I checked my TiVo in the bedroom and ended up watching all the good parts of Lethal Weapon 3, which it had recorded as a Suggestion. So I think I finally got to sleep sometime around 10:00. My alarm went off at 15:30 - I killed it. I got up around 17:30, got read to go out, and should up at 41+1 around 18:15. After the usual extended passive-aggressive debate over where to go :-), we ended up going to Leo's Ristorante. Mmm, great Italian food. But expensive - I'd eat there more, but $45 for dinner is a bit high for something regular - even if it is appetizer, salad, entree, drink, coffee, and dessert. :-) I didn't even have any booze. Shared a great dessert with jehanna - chocolate cake with light caramel between layers and white chocolate frosting. Very yummy. We had a good crowd tonight: jehanna, solipsistnation, Android (he doesn't have an LJ, does he?), gizmoek, delenn1122, usagijer, slarti and lagaz. Hopefully jehanna and I will be able to hook up some night this week for our oft-delayed chat, I think that will be good.

I really wish I could work 4 days a week and have a regular three day weekend. I'd rather work four 12 hour days than five 8 hour days, the extra hours would be worth the 3 days off. Yeah, like I ever work only 40 hours in a week... Anyway, I've found that when I have three day weekends I feel MUCH better at the end of the weekend. More rested, more energy, more drive. I'm so tired by the end of the work week that I need to sleep a lot the first night to have any energy, and that usually blows the first day. Then I feel rushed to try to get in things I need to do, and have fun. I never made it to the supermarket, didn't get my car inspected, didn't see Finding Nemo, and there is a package at the post office I have to go pick up... So now I have to try to get things done during the work week - before or after work. (And my apartment could use cleaning up...) It just makes the week that much more hectic. With three days off I can rest one one day, then have two days to get things done - it works great. *sigh*

It sounds like z_gryphon might be able to go to AX - of all things his mom is pushing him to go. Hopefully he can take advantage of her temporary insanity. :-)

Ah well, I should be off to bed since I'm already going to be sleep deprived in the morning. My uberboss is out at a tradeshow until Friday, along with our CEO, VP of markeitng, and maybe a couple of other people. I just hope my boss and the lead engineer don't go at each other again while uberboss isn't around to intervene, things have been tense the past couple of weeks with them and I'm kind of tired of trying to convince my boss, right or not, that the way he makes his point is as important as the point. He tends to be very direct, somethings pretty damn blunt, some would said 'pointed', and it tends to get some people's hackles up from the start. He's generally correct, but you end up with arguments because of the tone, not the content. It is only with certain people that he doesn't mesh with - but the lead engineer and him and like oil and water. I end up trying to moderate a lot. (There is a lot more to it, maybe I'll talk about it more soon.)
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Is today over yet?

This day can end any time now. I'm not sniffling any more, now my sinuses feel over-inflated. And the drama at work contines.

I'm at lunch now, place called Dean Park. I needed to get out of the office. I tried to get my car inspected, but couldn't. I do have an appointment for tomorrow.