June 10th, 2003

Anime MZ

Response to lizzielizzie's interview questions

1) If you had to decide right now, would you work in the tech field for the rest of your life?


2) If you were unable to work a tech job, what do you see yourself doing?

Other than going broke? If I had to pick another field, probably architecture - though it is probably late in life to go study that. I could start flying again and try to make a living that way - but pilot pay *sucks* until you've been at it for many years. Event organization is another possibility, I have 12 years of experience organizing cons, a lot of it at a senior level. And I just agreed to help start a new con up in 2004.

3) Name some of your relationship deal-breakers.

Hmm, this is the hardest one. I'm fairly laid back and open-minded. Generally speaking, if she can't intelligently converse, it isn't going to work. If she can't stand anime, geekdom, etc, we are NOT compatible. Bigotry, homophobia, etc, would be deal-breakers. And she needs to like my friends, because if someone tries to make me decide between them and the people who have been important to me for 10+ years - they're out. Other potential trouble could be kids - the older I get the more convinced I am that I never want children. While I may change my mind someday, it seems decreasingly likely. So someone looking for a family would probably be unhappy.

4) Name some things you'd miss about Worcester if you moved away.

My friends. That's the biggest thing really. There isn't a lot about the city itself that I'd miss - some places like Sakura Tokyo, Ralph's, etc, but really, I lived in Berkeley for 2 years and I didn't find myself missing Worcester at all really. I missed my friends. And I missed having actual weather that changed and nice thunderstorms, but that's not particular to Worcester.

5) Boxers, or briefs?

Briefs. Though it isn't so much a preference as just what I grew up wearing and I never really bothered changing habits.