June 12th, 2003

Anime MZ

Answers to bouncingleaf's interview questions

1. When you find that you are really deeply engaged in conversation with a good friend, what subjects are you talking about?

Gah, that changes so much. It could be geeking out, weird ideas about space time, sociology, etc. It varies widely based on the person, but even with the same person it can vary a lot from occaision to occaision.

2. What's a side of you that most other people don't see?

Hmm, I don't know. I guess most people don't see my more caring side, the way I am when I'm consoling a friend, etc. Most people get my professional side or my sarcastic public face, etc. I don't really open up to many people, just a handful.

3. Name three days of the year that are significant to you that are not significant (or not significant for the same reasons, anyway) to most others around you. Say what their significance is. For example: October 21 is forever marked in my brain as the day I started working at UltraNet, years ago.

I really can't think of one. There are special days in my life, but I don't identify them by dates, just kind of waypoints in my life and I don't celebrate them on a recurring basis. Derek's death is one, but even then I don't really mark the date. I think it ties into the fact that I have no sense of time. I can't even remember the dates for most significant events in my life.

4. Name three of your favorite food ingredients that you'd be happy to find combined in a dish. That is, "it's got A, B, and C in it? sounds great!" Do you know of a recipe that combines them?

Sweet peas in the pod, baby corn, and chicken. I make stir-fry with them periodically, and sometimes I'll have all three on pizza.

5. Do you have any self-images that you suspect are not accurate, maybe that are outdated, or never were true in the first place?

Oh hell yes. My mental image of myself is a lot thinner than I am. I can't look like I wish I looked because my frame is too big - my mental image is about my height but thinner, my face isn't as round as it is really, and it has long hair - longer than even mine was before I cut it. I always seem to picture myself in a duster - I think the character I created for Shadowrun in college, my rigger, was basically my mental image of myself projected outward.

I also still have issues with self-confidence and little bouts of panic in the "I can't really do this" vein - depsite plenty of evidence to the contrary with work, etc.
Anime MZ

I emailed in sick today

I woke up before my alarm thie morning feeling trashed and with a killer migraine. Sometime around 8:30 I emailed that I was probably not going to be in since I couldn't open my eyes for very long because it hurt to much. Them I took some Excedrin and retreated back to bed before 9 - I got up againt sometime closer to 14:00, feeling mostly better, but fell asleep again, I got up a bit after 2. I feel mostly better and the headache is almost entirely gone. So I think I might as well go to work. Everyone else is there until 17:30-18:00 anyway, and I'm normally there at least until 20:00, so I can still do a half-day and not burn a full day's time. Though part of me would rather just chill.