June 14th, 2003

Anime MZ

Today was a pretty good day

Since I was out yesterday I was going to go in early this morning. But after turning in early last night I snapped wide awake at 3:00 and was up for a bit, so when my alarm when of at 06:30 I said "No way", set it forward to 08:30, and crashed again. So I rolled into work at my normal time. It was a mellow day - nothing too pressing. The day went by fairly quickly. And my new NDA toy arrived today, which made me act like a kid on christmas.

Then jehanna met me at work around 18:00. I got to show her the office and the kiosk I am a slave too before heading off to Firefly's for dinner. Firefly's is an excellent BBQ joint in Marlborough, MA. I'd never been there before, but I *will* be back. It was fantastic. But the best part was that I got to spend the evening chatting with jehanna. We got to hang out for several hours and just talk - the first time the two of us have done that. We've always been getting together in group gatherings. I had as great time, and I hope we get to do it again before too much time passes.

I took her back to the office to get her car, and I headed off for home. I needed a part for the NDA Toy, and fortunately Home Depot was open and they had it. Then it was home, and watching the three hours of new Stargate SG-1 material that aired tonight and relaxing. Then I started playing with the new toy... heh... Some cool shit, this is really gonna kick ass.

Watching a DVD now, about time to crash I guess.