June 16th, 2003

Anime MZ

Pacific Media Expo

I've mentioned that I'm involved with a new convention - well, I can mention the name now. It is Pacific Media Expo, and it will be first held Memorial Day Weekend in Southern California. We have two locations under bid, and we hope to have that finalized ASAP. It looks like we'll either be in Long Beach or Anaheim.

We should have fliers at Fanime, and we'll definitely have some for Anime Expo. We're finalizing the website and such now, and it should go live soon - hopefully sometime this week, definitely before AX. We'll have forums and such - I need to finish configuring them actually - as well. I've also setup an LJ community for it - pmx. I'll be filling in the details in the community description once things are finalized. And when we're ready to make the formal announcement I'll probably post to the various anime related communities that I know of.

PMX isn't an 'anime' con - we plan to make it diverse. We'll have anime, Hong Kong film, J-Horror, J-Rock/Pop, etc. We've even had some interest from the import car customization crowd about participating as exhibitors.

If you're interested in staffing, email me, we're putting staff together now. Most of the crew are ex-AX folks, so we have a lot of experienced people on board and it should be great. We'd love to have both experienced folks and folks just looking to get into staffing. Since it is a new con we'll be establishing a lot of the procedures for use in the future.