June 24th, 2003

Anime MZ

Just made my Otakon hotel reservation

I got a room at the Holiday Inn Inner Harbor - which is a kitty-corner with the BCC. They're listed as 'Sold Out' on the Otakon website - but they're not. The only thing is the only single rooms they had left were smoking. I took one, but I'm considering calling back to change it to a double because they had non-smoking available. (And z_gryphon if you think you might go, say so and I'll definitely go for the double.) Arriving Friday 8/8 departing Monday 8/11.
Anime MZ

So how should I get to Otakon?

I could drive - but that is a ~8 hour trip, IIRC, and I'd have to leave REAL early Friday to be there at a decent time, or take off Thursday and stay an extra night. Then it'd eat up Monday on the return (I am staying Sunday - I know from history that at the end of the con I like to just wind down and chill - not dash off to get home fast).

I could use the opportunity to try the Acela - and it is tempting. It is still a 6 hour train ride from South Station to Baltimore, but it is riding, not driving. So I could sleep, watch the scenery, etc. And I like trains, even though I rarely ride one. Looks like it'd be $341 Business Class or $515 First Class for the round trip. Hmm... I don't know, I'll have the expenses from my big trip to AX that I'll still be paying off, then the hotel costs of Otakon... I don't know if I can justify this just for the experience.

Or I could fly - effectively for free. I have enough frequent flier miles that I could fly first class back and forth across the country several times - I've been earning a lot more miles a year than I redeem, for many years. For I short flight like this I might just go coach, save the 15k of miles...

While it is kind of dull, I guess the rational thing to do is fly since it'll cost me the least (even with parking at Logan for a few days - and yes, I know about airport vans. Those who know me also know how good I am at being ready on time and not needing to rush).

I don't have to book the trip just yet - so I guess it depends a bit on if I'm going alone. If I have someone to drive with, it isn't so bad. And I haven't really taken my car on a long trip yet.

Decisions, decisions... At least I have a hotel room (albeit a smoking room) and I'm pre-registered for the con now.
Anime MZ


So I'm working wicked late for the second night in a row, because we have this majorly important client who needs an implementation kit tomorrow morning, and so the 'Updating The Docs' project I've been poking at became a critical issue. We found out about this yesterday morning, and they're throwing enough money at us up front that yeah, it is worth jumping when they say to. If they're so gung-ho to get implemented by 7/12, that's great. Since I'm on vacation 6/27-7/7, I'll miss most of that. But I need to get this done...

Anyway, I'm putting the XML data diagrams into the docs and explaining what the fields are for - the first time this has actually been documented - and one of the fields is SKU. I'm fried enough that I could only remember it was "Stock Something Something-probably-Unit". So I check online and end up at acronymfinder.com, and get two results:
SKU Stock Keeping Unit
SKU Shoujo Kakumei Utena (Anime)

It made my head do silly things. Just wanted to share.