June 28th, 2003


Surprise, I'm running late

I was all packed up last night. I planned out the morning to have plenty of time. Yet somehow I endec up leaving the house an hour late. OK , it meant things would be tight. Traffic was worse than I expected, but I pushed it. I was out of my car 45 minutes before my flight. OK, no problem. Made my way to the slf checkin, and the line was moving. Got to the kiosk with just under 35 minutes to go. No problem, I could make the gate in plenty of time.

Except it wouldn't let me checkin. So I asked what to do, and they checked, and told me I was to late, you have to checkin 35 minutes before departure. It was 31 minutes before departure.


So it was into the manual checkin line to rebook. I am on standby for first on another flight at 13:38, my first flight was at 11:15. This is through Chicago instead of Dallas. Not too bad (if I make it) since the layover is shorter and I only get in an hour later or so.

So now I wait at Logan, surfing the web ony Clie.
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Zoner en fuego!

On the plane

Well, I'm on the first leg. Now wish me luck, I still have to make my connection in Chicago. I may end up stranded in Chi-town. Apparently the flight I'm on standby for is the last one of the night to Orange County. My backup plan is to see if I can get one to L.A.

I guess I get to see if Eris is in a good mood today or not. I won't draw any conclusions yet - either I'm lucky with this, or she's just setting me up for a bigger joke. (Of course the BIG joke would be this plane falling out of the sky.)

Well, I'm just going to roll with whatever happens. No sense stressing over it.

Maybe you'll hear from me again in Chicago.
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Zoner en fuego!

OK, I'm in Chicago

I made it to Chicago OK. It looks like I will be able to get a seat on the Orange County leg. But it looks like it'll be coach, so I hope my legs don't die.

Still chill.
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