July 8th, 2003


Welcome the fuck home

One of the benefits of flying first class is decent food. Except when on the first leg the options were shrimp something (I don't like ANY seafood) or a chicken salad sandwich. I opted for the chicken, hopefully, but could NOT stand it. I've never liked 'salads' like that - potato salad, etc. Then on the second leg there were three options - filet (mmm-mmm), bbq chicken (mmm-mmm), and sun-dried tomato ravioli (eh). I was in the last row of first class - guess what they had left when they go to me? The person right before me got the last chicken. Of course, I ended up falling asleep and sleeping through dinner anyway, so no food for me. I ended up getting Wendy's on the way home.

Speaking of on the way home - when the fuck did Logan's parking fees go from 'high' to 'BOHICA'? $24 A DAY?! I was gone for 10 days. Yes, that means I paid $240 to get out of the lot! WTF? I know I haven't really flown anywhere in a year or so, but I REALLY don't remember them being that insane. I was in such a hurry on the way in that I didn't notice the rates. Ok, I dislike airport shuttle vans and I like having my own car waiting for me when I come home - but not THAT much. Shit.

Then I got home and unpacked, enjoying that 'back in my space' vibe. Once unpacked I sat down to eat the fast food, and turned on my TV. To find my primary TiVo in a reboot loop. Powering up... Almost there... Green Screen of Death... Powering up... Almost there... Green Screen of Death... GSoD generally means a HD has failed. FUCK! The one time I was really relying on it to catch things while I was away it dies. I don't even know *when* it died, so even if I find a way to recover it, I'm probably still missing shows. And, of course, in the meantime I'm out my main TiVo with most of my Season Passes. I have a not quite up to date list of them from a couple of months back, so I'll have to program them into my small unit.

Great to be home. I'm so very much looking forward to getting up for work in 5 hours too.

And I had *such* a nice trip, I was really sorry to be coming home.
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