July 12th, 2003

Zoner en fuego!


I did a double header tonight. After work a co-worker and I went to see the 22:05 showing of T3 at Solomon Pond Mall. That got out in time for me to zip over to Worcester Showcase North to see the 00:50 showing of LXG.

Both movies are OK, but I definitely enjoyed LXG more. T3 was kind of flat, and the jokes seemed forced. LXG had moments that made me laugh, and a few moments that made me go "Oh yeah!" Which is more than most movies do for me. "These men are mine!" Oh hell yeah, I liked that.

Oh, and Mina was all kinds of hot, IMHO. Feral and refined... pushed a lot of my buttons, she did. ;-) And Dorian was just too cool really.

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