July 15th, 2003

Zoner en fuego!

Raise Rootness! And life

Remember how I said I was told I'd have a raise on 5/1 a while back? Then it didn't happen and it was explained as a communication error and the raise would be coming 6/1? Well my 6/15 paycheck didn't have it. The CEO was at a trade show and when he called in payroll he forgot. So it would be in the 6/30 check, retroactive. But the holiday messed up processing, things were rushed, and someone goofed. Well, today I got my 7/15 check - and the raise was in there! But not the retro - but our payroll guy just handed me a check for the retroactive pay. Yay! This will help me pay off debts a bit faster. I'd still like to see another bump, since I'm not making less than I did back at Livingston, but I can't really complain. I know I was WELL paid in the past, and I'm really making a good salary now. It is just the loan I took out when I was riding high, with an aggressive payback time frame, that really makes things tight. My monthly rent is half my loan payment... On the bright side I have less than two years left to pay on the five year loan.

So things have been hectic since I got back from vacation. Work is very busy, and I had catching up to do, so all last week I really did nothing by work and sleep. It didn't help that the *end* of my trip to CA was AX - so I came home exhausted. I should probably plan that better next time. Friday night I went to T3 and LXG, as previously reported. I crashed HARD Saturday morning, expecting to wake up in the early afternoon. I did - but then I crashed again and woke up around 18:30. Which is the time I was supposed to be showing up at the annual PSU BBQ, which was at the Harvard Boathouse again this year. I took my time waking up, checking things online, and getting ready, so I got there around 21:00. Which was OK - the place was still hopping. The PSU BBQ is a little awkward for me because I'm a bit shy, and I know some people, but there are so many people there than I don't know most of them. And I'm not great at introducing myself. (It also doesn't help that I suck with names, so I never remember them with just one introduction.) Still, it was a good time. The last of us didn't end up shutting the joint down until just after 02:00.

I was feeling oddly energetic, and it was a really lovely night, so I walked around the park area for a bit. And stood and watched a cloud front slowly occlude the moon. I wandered past the boathouse again around 02:50 or so I think and the girls were still in there. I think one of them saw me walk by, I hope she doesn't think I was waiting around to stalk them when they left or something. :-) Anyway, around 03:00 I decided I really should head home, so I wandered back to MGH where I'd parked. (Noticing the couple having sex on the park bench on the shoreline from my vantage point on the pedestrian overpass. NOTE: If you're going to fuck in the park at night when there is a moon, do NOT wear a WHITE jacket that practically glows in the moonlight.) I got home close to 04:00 to find most of my upstairs neighbors (there are three floors above me) on the porch drinking and talking.

I've met a couple of them briefly in the year I've lived there, but never really said more than a few words in passing. And it was a nice night, so I joined them. We ended up out there well past dawn. Then I went into my place and had 'dinner' and played online before crashing sometime after 09:00 Sunday. I set my alarms for 16:00, so I'd be up for Sunday dinner, but I was a wreck. Fortunately dinner was later than normal, and I was able to haul my carcass down to T. Sams around 19:00 for dinner with jehanna, solipsistnation, and slarti. Then back to my pace, where I basically collapsed into bed again.

Monday morning I work up around 05:00 and I was *up* for the day, no question. So I took my time getting read, and got into work a little before 08:00. I picked up three dozen donuts on the way for my office. (My company is just shy of 30 people total.) I wanted a donut, and I figured I could just do something randomly nice. :-) I was hoping to get out early, but it turned into a long day. And I'm GLAD I bought those donuts, because I never got to lunch (and I don't eat breakfast), so I ate three of them over the course of the day - I finally had a meal at Harry's on Rt. 9 at around 20:00 on the way home.

I don't know if I mentioned it, but the thing I was beta testing had a HW failure a few weeks ago and I had to send it back. A replacement to test arrived last Thursday, but I didn't have time to set it up until last night. So that's what I did. Then this morning I woke up early and was playing with it - and lost track of time, so I ended up being late to work. Um, my bad. I really need to stop that. It is the one thing my boss and uberboss tell me I need to fix - being in the office by 10:00, not 11:00. Just makes it harder to coordinate and such when I'm in so late. Of course, I had an issue with this new HW already, and after the hours of tweaking and configuring things, I need to reset everything and start over to see if it fixes the issue. *sigh* At least this time I kept accurate notes of what I decided to setup, so I can reproduce it quickly.

Also, yesterday at work my XP laptop suddenly got really flaky. Things that had worked stopped working - applications, etc. Also weird error messages started popping up. XP has native zip support, but then every time i tried to look in a zip it'd warn me that I needed to associate the files with the handler. OK. But then the next time it'd tell me the same thing. And a VB project from my boss stopped working on my box and it gave weird errors. I tried doing a 'repair' on the OS, and VB, but it was still flaky. Today it locked up on me a couple of times.

So now I've blown away the partitions and XP is reinstalling. I'm taking the opportunity to split the drive, leaving room to put RH8.0 on there too. It means a lot of apps to reinstall once the OS finishes, I think I'll do that in the morning. I don't feel like staying late tonight. In fact, I'm thinking I might go see Pirates of the Caribbean.

OK, that's the braindump.
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Zoner en fuego!


So I went to see Pirates of the Caribbean tonight after work.

That's one fun flick! Really, really fun! I'm glad I went. When I first heard about it I was like "How can they make a movie based on that *ride*?" Very well apparently. And for those who have been on the ride, there are some priceless moments where they staged scenes just like ones on the ride. :-)

And Johnny Depp was fscking incredible. I can see why some of the studio heads were worried early on, but damn he really makes the character *work*.

Go see this.
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