July 19th, 2003

Zoner en fuego!


Before leaving work I remembered that Speakeasy offers dialup for their DSL customers. So I downloaded their dialer onto a flash drive and brought it home, and I called before I left to have the account activated. So now I'm on dialup.
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Zoner en fuego!

Answers to chemical_pocky's questions

1. What sort of advice on life would you give to anyone born after 1990, and why?

Me, give advice on life? I can't get my own life organized. They'd only be 13 or younger too. So advice on things like buy tech, but sell before the bubble bursts, probably wouldn't amount to much. I guess I would advise them to pay attention in school and stick it out, but I think that's important no matter when born. Our society is increasingly technical and complicated, and just understanding public issues takes some critical thinking skills and background knowledge. (Oh, that's another thing - I can really only think of advice for kids in the US, or similar countries, if you're born in Central Africa or something, I really don't know what is specifically important to your life.) So stay in school, get comfortable with technology, and try to find a path in life that makes you happy.

2. A time capsule is being built, and through the miracle of modern magic-science, you are able to put any living creature in it, real or fictitious. You are allowed two fit two creatures in there, man, beast, plant, or organism. Who/what would you put in, and why? The time capsule would be opened in 500 years, and survive any apocalyptic events, but the things inside would come out the same age as they've gone in.

This is a bizarre question. I don't think I could put anyone sentient in there, that'd be kind of cruel - even if they were in suspended animation. Forcing someone to have to cope with a world 500 years removed for all they know when they're decanted. Kind of like the end of Gunbuster. I don't know what kind of animal is notable enough to be preserved over all others.

You know, I really can't think of anything, or anyone, that I'd especially want to preserve. Especially living. Something like a current version of the Encycopaedia Britanica would be interesting. If there is no apocolypse, then it might be an interesting historical document. If there is, then it would be a way to pass on knowledge.

3. Describe your.... a) earliest childhood memory b) most embarrassing childhood memory c) most self-defining memory

a) I have NO sense of time. So even recent memories get all jumbled up chronologically - my older memories are a complete soup. I don't know what would be the earliest. I have memories of pre-school days - some random asshole crashing down a big building I'd made of blocks with a toy truck.

b) Embarrassing? Um, around 5th grade I had my pants split at school. I went to Roman Catholic school and we had to wear dress pants. One day I was wearing one of my older pair, and on the playground I did this twist/lunge thing to go after a kickball and the seam just gave almost completely from crotch to read beltline. I took off my jacket and tied it around my waste, hanging down behind me to cover the rip, and walked inside. I don't recall being especially embarrassed though, mostly exasperated.

c) Self-defining memory... That's a hard one. Really nothing sticks out, no single event. Lots of little things that built up I guess. But there was never anything, that I recall, that made me going "That's my path."

4. What do you wish you could do that you have never been able to / will be able to do? It could be anything realistic or fictitious (like being a superhero, etc.)

I'd like to be able to fly without assistance. I'd also like to be some kind of freakin' wizard. For some reason that's a recurring theme in my dreams - manifesting magical powers. Which is kind of odd, since I don't actually believe in magic, but it would be interesting if it were real. (I think that's why I liked Shadowrun - it had tech and magic.) And I'd love to see cyberware become practical while I'm young enough to appreciate it - rigging a car, jacking straight across, etc.

5. Who is your role model, how did he/she influence you, and has that person affected your life in any way?

You know, I don't think I have a role model in the classic sense. Of all the people in my life, I think perhaps my maternal grandmother influenced me the most - she was very kind and caring, and open minded. She was very cool, and I still miss her. But she, as was common for her generation, was a home maker. So she influenced me as a person, but not in my path in life.
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Zoner en fuego!

Teen Titans

So I'm watching Teen Titans, which premiered tonight...

- Is that Shonen Knife singing the theme? Ok, no, Puffy AmiYumi. Crossing up my J-Rock chick bands. ;-)

- Ok, so they're obviously trying for a heavy anime look, and trying to be quirky. But I don't think it really works. The look is cheap at times, and the deliberate quirkyness of the writing seems more forced than funny. Plus some of the sight gags they pull break the anime feel. And the stupid things like the building moving aro

- Starfire doesn't come across so much as alien as idiotic. Geez.

Eh, I dunno, passable, but they keep going downhill. The animated Batman series were great, the Superman series was pretty good too, but then Justice League has been iffy, and this show is kinda weak.
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