July 25th, 2003

Zoner en fuego!


Just a short note to say that this has been one HELL of a busy week full of VERY long days. 14 hour days in the office isn't something I enjoy regularly.

However the perl scripts have been updated to use all external XML files for configuration, making them - and the configs - easily portable. Doing so took all of the configuration editing out of the code, so all the files were merged into one pcFunctions.pm library. I'm really starting to get fluid with XML::LibXML, actually starting to enjoy whipping off XPath queries. :-) Lots of QA style code improvements - catching corner cases more gracefully, etc. Still not 100% where I'd like them to be if I could just sit down and fine tooth them, but we're working under customer pressure so 'working reliably' seems to be the benchmark.

Also setup cvsweb and DCForum for internal use tonight.

Oh, Cyphermint has decided to go after the adult market with guns blazing - and we've been more successful in signing them up in one week than we've been with general PayCash users in months. 2 signed users, 10 in the immediate pipeline. Guess who is handling them all. Yeah. We also doing some of the adult industry trade shows to market PayCash. There is one in Florida next week one of the sales guys is going to, and I've been told I'll be heading out to AdultDex in Vegas later this year. That sounds interesting.

No problem - but at least 5 of them are looking for PHP scripts. We don't have any. The idea is that we soon will. I worked a little with PHP3 a few years ago, I have a couple of PHP4 books in transit from Amazon - my next project is to re-implement the scripts in PHP. I'm looking forward to that, in general, because I've long wanted to learn more PHP. But I'll be doing it under the gun, which isn't always the most enjoyable way to pick up a new language - or, rather, expand/update one's knowledge of a language.

Coding, lots of customer interactons, updating docs, planning projects... busy busy busy.

And it is late, and I am very tired, and hungry, so I'm going home.
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Zoner en fuego!

A new coat of paint

So I'm playing with S2.

What do you think, sirs?

Edit: OK - so I've got my LJ open in one monitor, and in the other two Terminal windows. Then it hit me *green* on black! Yeah, that was what this scheme needed to really click. VT102 old skool style!
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