July 26th, 2003

Zoner en fuego!

Bring me the head of Verizon!

On 7/11 I called Speakeasy and ordered DSL - a switchover from my Verizon DSL
On 7/17 the circuit was supposedly switched to Covad (Speakeasy's local CLEC)
On 7/18 Covad shipped my self-install kit (i.e. the ADSL modem I need to plug in) - This is slightly annoying since it was a bit of a surprise change to Speakeasy. They used to ship these out when the order was placed, so it'd be ready for the line cut-over, instead my old circuit was off and I had no new gear.
On 7/22 UPS tried to deliver it to my home - I was at work. That night I had it redirected to work, but it was too late for 7/23
On 7/24 UPS put it on the wrong truck. Seems there is one for Marlborough Boston Post Road and one for Marlborough Boston Post Road *West*. Cyphermint is on the latter. It was marked as the wrong street address, so I called and sorted it out.
On 7/25 I received the kit and brought it home.

So a little after midnight, 7/26, I connected it.

It didn't work. So I called Speakeasy and the tech looked - and even though I'm seeing a solid green DSL light, on his end the DSLAM is showing my circuit as down. But my modem obviously believes it is synching with SOME DSL signal.

Conclusion - some bright spark at Verizon didn't properly do the work and I'm either still on Verizon's DSLAM or wired into god knows who's DSLAM.

This makes Verizon 2 for 2 on screwing up a Speakeasy DSL install for me. Last time they screwed us so bad we ended up unable to have *any* DSL - they gave our copper pair to someone else, then figured out that was the last clean pair for our street. Sorry, you're out of luck.

I'm displeased. But since I'm seeing *something* out there in DSL land they should be able to switch my pair ot the right DSLAM without too much trouble. Of course, I know they can be creative.
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Zoner en fuego!

On a lighter note...

I think I'll catch Tomb Raider tomorrow, um, today, er... after I arise from the mighty crash I'm about to perform. Which probably means sometime Saturday afternoon/evening. I don't expect a great film, but I expect it'll be fun, probably have a good soundtrack, and it'll have Angelina Jolie in interesting outfits. ;-) Maybe I'll catch another film this weekend - still need to see Finding Nemo, and I want to see Charlie's Angels 2 and Bad Boys 2. And I think there might be another one I'm forgettng. Oh, and maybe see Pirates again. :-)
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