July 31st, 2003

Zoner en fuego!

What the frelling day is it anyway?

So it is 09:30 and I'm at work. *Still* at work. As in, round the clock.

I have a few more things to do, but I did manage to finish the main task that kept me here. There is a trade show Friday that sales is going to, and they made up a bunch of CDs of sales stuff to hand out, including a link to a demo of our payment technology. Said demo didn't fully exist until an hour or so ago, and it didn't exist at all mid-day yesterday. Guess who wrote it. Check it out. The idea is that we'll have more demos - Item #3 will become a list of demos instead of just a link to the one. But we had to get the first one up for tomorrow. Soon we'll do demos showing subscription payments, micro-payments, pay per access, etc.

Right now the scripts are talking to a Cash Register and Web Adapter running on my laptop, the last thing I need to do is install production copies on the rack mount box and configure the scripts to use those instead. But the coding is done. Well, there are things I want to improve, but I need to do that when rested.

My boss is on the road today, but he called and told me I can just go home once that's done. And I have permission to come in late Friday and work a short day. :-)
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Zoner en fuego!

And away we go...

long day Monday, 14 hours Tuesday, 24 hours Wed-Thur... Can I just call this week *done*? I'm well past 40 hours... (No, I can't.)

Anyway, the last bricks are in place and the demo is up and running. I did find a way to induce an error - checkout with nothing in the cart - but it catches it fairly gracefully. I know where to catch that in the code, I'll do it after sleep.

But first I need food, since I ate one meal Wednesday - a late lunch at 15:30 or so - and it is 20 hours later.

I don't even really feel tired - just kind of detached and floaty. :-)
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Zoner en fuego!

Home, home again

Went to lunch at Ruby Tuesday's with Lowen from work then headed home. I really like RT's, I don't think I'd been before - this one opened on 07/16 on Rt.9 across from Harry's. I've been there a few times now. To pricey to go often, but good for when I need a solid meal - like when I haven't fed in ~24 hours. :-)

Got home a little while ago, thought I'd chill before crashing - started watching an episode of Big O and I nodded off at some point. Ok, I'll do that later.

Decided to check in online and while I was messing about with Mozilla (the 1.4 installer did NOT like something I had installed on 1.3 - I had to uninstall it AND delete the entire mozilla.org directory) my DSL went live! It wasn't when I checked it before I started mucking, and I was on dialup. Then I rebooted after the install and Mozilla was loading the start page and I'm like "wait a minute, how is it doing that?!" So yay for DSL!

But I tried the demo I've been mentioning - and it fails. I recognize the error - at least one of the firewalls between the public and the server doesn't have the right hole punched in it for the communication. Since it was working from the internal network (which has multiple segments, so I was passing through some of the FWs) I suspect it maybe the PIX that guards the border. I wouldn't have been hitting that from inside at all. I left a vmail and email for our operations guy, Paul. He's sharp, so I'm hoping he gets back to me while I have the energy to troubleshoot this. I can hit it from here while he tweaks FWs.
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