September 8th, 2003

Zoner en fuego!

Monday Monday

Today has been a mixed bag. I got up late for my 9:00 doctor's appointment, but I managed not to be too late. And there wasn't any real wait.

First time with this doc, who turned out to be a pretty young Indian woman. I like her, very nice person. I hope she sticks around. (My last doc left.)

My blood pressure is HIGH! Like 150/110 high. Not good. I've always had semi-high blood pressure, but this is way, way up. In the "I'm going to skip lifestyle changes and put you on *two* meds immediately. We can't wait to bring that down" range.

I requested the battery of blood tests since it has been a while and I'd like the piece of mind going into a new relationship. I haven't exactly been high risk, but better to be sure. The doc seemed impressed by that, said it was a great attitude to have.

So I had the physical, then x-rays, then blood work - so I finally got out of there close to noon. Oh, and did you know there is a Hep B vaccine? I didn't. I started on that too. (It is a three shot thing.) Also had a tetanus booster.

Now, remember my bitchy post from Friday? As I was leaving I noticed my left rear tire was flat! That is doubly wrong since it was supposed to be 'fine', and rotated! So I went back to the dealer. Yep, they charged me for the rotation but the tech forgot. So they've got my car again. And they're taking the leak seriously this time.

But this means I'm sitting in the Galleria having lunch, and not at work as I should be. At this rate I may end up just calling it a loss and taking a personal day.

And I'm thinking of impykins, hoping her doctor visit is going well.
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Zoner en fuego!


1. I think the tech at my dealer must've been on drugs.

Well, I got into work just after 15:00. I think the dealer was still bullshitting me though. When it was ready the service guy told me the tire shop did find a leak in the valve stem and it was fixed. But he then told me the tech swore that he DID rotate the tires on Friday. OK, so if the left rear tire was leaking BEFORE Friday and it was leaking AFTER Friday, then either they weren't rotated, or there should be *two* leaking tires. None of the other three tires show any signs of leaking. So either he didn't rotate them, or he took the tires off, put the one aside to check it, and then screwed up and put it back on the same spot. Either way, I'm pretty damn sure the left rear tire didn't move. They did at least do all the work today for free, which I was going to push for but didn't have to.

2. Now I'm on drugs.

Since I had a three hour wait for the car, and it was just around noon when I dropped it off, i walked over to the Galleria, um, sorry, 'Worcester Common Outlets', for lunch. (Aside: I *know* that the name is due to the mall being on the Worcester Common, so it should be parsed (Worcester Common) (Outlets). But I always mentally parse it as (Worcester) (Common Outlets) - you know, they sell the stuff you see everywhere anyway. It was worse when it was still the Worcester Common Fashion Outlets, because I always pictured them selling generic, everyday clothing.) So after lunching on Subway and posting my last entry from my NZ90 while sitting in the food court, I still hadn't heard from the dealer. So I wandered the Mall a bit. I wandered into Media Play, which was perhaps a mistake, since I wandered out with copies of The Animatrix, Cowboy Bebop: The Movie, and Read Or Die. OK, so I can be impulsive. Then I went down to CVS to fill my prescriptions from the doc.

- Ranitidine HCL 75mg, Take 1 tablet twice daily. This is the same as Zantac 75. It is for my recurring, severe heartburn which has meant eating Tums regularly.
- Hydrochlorothiazide 25mg, Take 1 tablet by mouth every day. "By mouth"... No problem, it hadn't occurred to me to take it any other way. This is a diuretic, not being a doctor I'm not clear how that reduces blood pressure, unless we're like balloons and the more you let out the lower the pressure. I tend not to drink enough as it is, so I'd better make sure to stay hydrated while on this. I like the 'Common Brand Names' - Aquatensen (Japanese super hero - Aquatensen!), Diuril (the miracle alloy!), Enduron (doesn't that sound like a new AMD CPU?! it'd be a Duron for laptops, designed for long battery life.), Esidrix (New from Honda/Nissan/whatever), Hygroton (Godzilla vs. Hygroton!), Naturetin (sounds like a rustic village or something), Oretic (OK, dunno), Renese (sounds like one of those 'modern' girls names), Zaroxolyn (didn't he team up with Ming the Merciless?) I also love "Because this drug increases urination, it is best taken early in the day." And not, say, right before bed.
- Metoprolol 100mg, Take 1 tablet by mouth every day. A.k.a. Lopressor - a name I'm familiar with from others I know on BP meds. Hey, z_gryphon, wasn't this the stuff you were on too?

Better living through chemistry.

Oh, and I've heard from impykins, she's doing OK.
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Zoner en fuego!

Oh, more doc stuff...

For as long as I can remember I've had 20/15 vision, sometimes 20/10 in one eye. For those who don't know, 20/20 means you can read at 20 feet what the average person can read at 20 feet. 20/15 means you can read at 20 feet what the average person has to be 15 feet away from to read, so better than average. 25/20 is the opposite way. Well, doing the simple wall chart test this morning I couldn't do 20/15 to save my life, but I got 20/20. OK. Then the one-eyed version - right eye first, 20/20. Left eye - kinda blurry, and I ended up 25/20. For some reason that's really bugging me, like my eyesight meant more to me than I realized and hearing that it has degraded rubs me the wrong way. It is especially odd since the floaty thing in my right eye is only mildly annoying, and that mainly because it distracts me at times. And that's a much more direct example of my vision degrading.

It may just be the 4 hours of sleep I had and the fluorescent lights, etc, or not. In any case I need to find an optometrist covered by my health plan. This center doesn't have them on staff, and I should have my eyes checked since it has been over 10 years since I had a full exam (probably my last FAA physical sometime around 1990-1991). And I do want to find out more about the floaty thing, just in case.
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