October 2nd, 2003

Zoner en fuego!

What LJ communities are you part of?

A while back there was a meme for posting a list of all your LJ friends and how you knew them. That gave me an idea that I've just gotten around to - posting a list of all the LJ communities i'm part of, and what they're about. I thought it might be interesting for a few reasons:
- Perhaps expose people to a community they didn't know about
- Find out what common interests I may share with people who read my LJ
- I hope others pick up the meme and do the same, I'm curious
- If you see a community 'missing' from my list (ie, you think I'd be interested in one and I'm not part of it), let me know - maybe I'll find another interesting group

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Zoner en fuego!


Hey, if anyone is going to AnimeNext this weekend, feel free to say hi. I'm driving out and back alone it looks like, and I'm staying at the con hotel. I'm scheduled to be part of these panels:
Sat 10/4 1pm Anime & the Internet
Sat 10/4 3pm Fanfic
Sun 10/5 3pm Anime Conventions
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TiVo Dude!

MORE changes for Star Trek: Enterprise

Per TivoPony at TivoCommunity.com:

Another Star Trek Enterprise Change
Creating this as a new thread, so that it might catch the eye of those
interested in Enterprise...

If you've been reading the threads, you know there are some strange things
going on with the data we receive on this program.

And it gets a new twist. Read on...

Remember that UPN initially said they wouldn't change the series name. And
then they did.

And then Tribune said they wouldn't edit the name of the show in their
current record, but had to create a new series id...resulting in everyone
creating new season passes.

And then they did decide to edit the original entry afterall. We just got
the word late today.

Tribune has decided to remove the new series id, and rename the original
series id with the 'Star Trek' prefix.

That means that you'll have to delete and re-enter your Season Pass for Star
Trek: Enterprise one more time when the new data arrives.

Trust me, we're not satisfied with this. But the data has already been
changed, and will be out to your systems in the next day or two.

We've looked at other ways to fix this on our end, and there isn't anything
we can do about it at the moment.

We appreciate your patience, but understand the frustration with the series
name and data changing back and forth.
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