October 18th, 2003


Fscking gas company and I suck

Today was supposed to be kind of busy. The gas company was supposed to come and swap two gas meters for upstairs apartments between noon and two, then I'm supposed to be at pfloyd's wedding starting at 15:00. The gas company normally doesn't come on weekends, but they were desperate to swap the meters (they're legally required to do so every 7 years - and one of these is several years past due) and when I said I work Mon-Fri and had already given them one chance, they agreed to do it today because they really want to swap them out. Well, they didn't show - and so I waited a bit longer and tried calling, but just got voice mail.

So I waited long enough that I ended up not being ready to leave on time to be at the wedding by 15:00 - and I think I'd be a dick to show up and try to get in in the middle of the wedding. So I'm being a lesser dick by not doing that. I'm going to go over and wait outside since they often do greet lines after a wedding and I want to be there for pfloyd (sorry dude, I suck).

I'm very pissed with NStar about this gas meter thing. See, many weeks ago I got a letter about swapping *my* meter. When I set that up I had to take an afternoon off for the appointment because they said they never did it weekends. I told them there were other meters which they checked on and said that yes, they needed to be swapped. But when they showed to do mine they only had one meter so they couldn't do the others. And then a couple of weeks ago they called me to say they needed to actually swap the other meters out, after they failed to do it when I gave them the chance the first time. And since they're desperate to swap the one very overdue meter, suddenly they can do it on a weekend. I did leave a voicemail this time that if they didn't show for this appointment that I was unlikely to give them another chance to do it - they aren't *my* meters, and they get in trouble for not swapping them - not me. Not even my landlord gets in without me - I have an alarm and no one else has a code.

I'm also pissed because a few days ago lyadann asked if I wanted to get together for lunch today - and I couldn't because of the meter swap. So this has fucked up my day several ways. I am displeased.

I hope the rest of the day goes better - there is a dinner tonight at Leo's for pfloyd's wedding. Maybe I'll choke to death.
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