October 21st, 2003

Zoner en fuego!

That was the week that was

Well, a bit more than a week. I've been posting meme stuff and brief posts, and commenting all over, but there are a few things on my mind.

After dinner at Leo's Sunday last gizmoek and I went to see Kill Bill. Oh. My. God. Blood. Lots of blood. (Apparently about 500 gallons of fake blood were used.) If you like Tarantino's other flicks you'll probably like this one, if you don't like his other films then you'll probably really hate this one. I'm sure I missed many of the references this film made (like the Game of Death cycle outfit) and the subtle jokes (the box of cereal is Kaboom! (which is a real cereal if you've never seen it)). I'm looking forward to part two.

After dinner this Sunday I went home, but was restless, so I went back out and saw The Rundown myself. Yes, it is a somewhat cheesy action movie - but it doesn't take itself seriously, and I think that redeems it. They had fun with it instead of trying to play it straight, and it made it enjoyable. And I think The Rock is pretty good as an action hero - I don't think I've seen any of his other movies, but I might have to check them out. But Christopher Walken really steals the scenes he's in - "That's a lot of cows."

Other than that, I'm a little depressed. I had the first real eye exam I can remember having last week. I mean, I've done that 'look at the chart' thing many times, and when I was actively flying i had my FAA physicals which included the colorblindness test, 'what note does the line pass through', and other things. But I don't think I've ever had the eye pressure test, the dilation drops, etc. So the end result is I'm nearsighted with a severe astigmatism, and my vision is apparently no longer 20/15 like I'd always tested. I'm carrying around a prescription for glasses, but it is my option to get them or not - since since 99.99% of my life is looking at things near to me, and I can still read roadsigns WAY down the road, I don't feel the need to get them. But for some reason knowing my vision is degraded really bothers me.

On the medical good news front, I went in for my follow-up visit for my blood pressure yesterday and it looks like the meds are working - it was 110/70. That's a significant improvement over 150/110. But my cholesterol levels were messed up. I don't remember the numbers - but my 'bad' is too high and my 'good' is too low. My doc suggested eating more seafood - but I loathe seafood, so then she suggested I try taking fish oil tablets. She also recommended flax seed powder. Of course, I need to start exercising regularly and adjust my diet overall. I go back in January for more blood work and if the levels haven't improved by then I'll probably start meds. I really like this doc, which is kind of a first for me. The docs I've had for years now I've either been kind of indifferent toward, or they just rubbed me the wrong way. But Dr. Bhandari seems really cool, like someone who could hang out with my group of friends. Lots of energy and I actually feel like she cares how I'm doing and that I'm not just a chart. She's going on maternity leave early next year, but I do hope she'll stick around for a while. I'd hate to have to change docs again.

Work has just kind of been going. Last Monday was a holiday, and my boss took Tuesday and Wednesday off. I ended up handling some tech support issues, and finding a bug in one of our systems, the days he was out, so I didn't get as much of my planned work done as I'd hoped. So I stayed late Tuesday to avoid having to explain why I was behind when he got back. Thursday was my eye exam, so a lot of the day was shot by the appointment and then not being able to see anything for a while. I ended up not staying too late because my eyes hurt even after the drops wore off. Friday I actually managed to crank out a good amount of work.

Yesterday was messed up. When I got up it was DAMN cold in my apartment, so I turned on the heat and dove back under the covers. But I kind of drifted off for a bit and ended up coming in later than I intended. My boss and I did a code review on the script framework (what I'd been updating) and he had to leave to get his car serviced. I bailed not long after to go to my doctor's appointment. This morning I'm a little pissy since we normally have a 09:00 engineering meeting on Tuesday. This sucks on general principles because i don't normally come in until 10:00 at best, and usually closer to 11:00. So one day a week I have to get up and hour or two early, and believe me it makes a difference to how I feel for the whole day. But today I'm pissy because I hauled my ass in for the meeting - and there is no meeting. Michael, the VP, is on a trip to visit our group in Russia so everyone decided to just blow off the meeting even though we're supposed to have it even when he isn't here. So I got up early for nothing.

Hmm, what else... Oh, the Thursday over a week ago we did a birthday lunch for one of the women in the office over at Ruby Tuesday's on Route 9 in Westborough. All through lunch the waitress and I were flirting with each other fairly strongly. Enough that the other folks I was with (2 guys, 2 women) were joking about it when she wasn't around. After a little prodding from them to pursue it, I went back last Thursday after my eye exam. Since I still couldn't see much there was no point in going to the office yet, so I had a long lunch. She was working the bar, so I sat there and we chatted for at least 90 minutes. I went back for dinner late Friday after work and ended up her last table so she sat down and we chatted some more then too. Not sure if anything will come of it as she's recently broken up and was planning to try to not date for a bit. But she seems really cool, so it be nice to just hang out with her if nothing else. We'll see - her name is Irene, so you can ask for her if you go. I believe she's working the To Go orders today. ;-)
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