October 31st, 2003

Zoner en fuego!

I'm the Devil, baby

"the joker, worker, stabilizer"
You are gifted when it comes to protecting yourself
from judgements cast upon you by others. In
fact, you are not easily thrown by external
reality. You have the capacity to work and
play hard and to laugh at yourself. This is
the card of humour and sexuality (it is the
only card with genital symbols).
"Devil" spelled backwards is
"lived", and it is very fitting. You
live with humour and have a stable foothold on
life. Of course, you do love setting the
occasional bit of mischief into play.

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Zoner en fuego!


So I was trying to find something from my past and turned to Google - which took me through a number of old memory paths...

I'm an "Internet Industry Icon"
I go to too many Anime Conventions.
Someone thought I was worth interviewing.
I hadn't thought of this mailing list in years - it was a good one.
I see there are still copies of my old ANP paper out there. ...and another ...and another Well, this one actually links back to my copy... Hey, this one doesn't credit me! and another... ...and another Oh, cool, I was cited as a source! Linked again - damn, no wonder i get a few emails a year on this thing. more... OK, there were more, but damn... If I'd known that paper was going to get that much attention I would've done a better job on it. At the time I was just trying to get it over with. :-) On and off for a while I've thought about trying to write a book about the topic...
People *still* link to my long, long, long defunct Ani DiFranco website.
I have got to remember to get someone in GweepCo to fix my name and email on this page.
Oh, hey, I forgot I registered that domain!

OK, enough...

Also lots and lots of links to the old Livingston mailing lists, and other industry lists I was very active on for a number of years. Just last week I finally unsubbed from a number of them, like Inet-Access. I hadn't really read them in a while, but I kept on them because it felt weird to cut off something that I'd been so active with at one time. I finally decided it was time to just walk away. Wild the number of web boards I've posted comments on that get indexed.
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