November 7th, 2003

Zoner en fuego!

Attention Linux users...


Thank you.

*deep breath*

For those who missed the news this week:
- Red Hat has end-of-lifed Red Hat Linux. Support for <= 8.0 ends 12/31/03, 9.0 ends 04/30/04. They have decided to focus on Red Hat Enterprise Linux.
- Red Hat has combined a couple of efforts into The Fedora Project. Free Red Hat is dead! Long live free Red Hat! Fedora release one is out, it is basically RH9.1. They just get to duck the cost of marketing and support.
- A Red Hat exec, in a press release as part of this, said that Linux is not ready for the desktop and that most users are better suited using Windows. How shocking... wait, no, he's 100% correct when you take it as talking about the overall computing market, not just geeks.
- Novell bought SuSE.

So it seems like every time I turn around some Linux evangelist is flipping their lid over Red Hat 'abandoning' their users, about how Red Hat is saying everyone should use Windows, etc. See linux for some examples. Basically people are blowing things WAY out of proportion and going off half-cocked, coming across like irrational zealots... wait... OK, that's 100% accurate I suppose.

For Eris's sake, I'm a Red Hat Certified Engineer, I've been using Linux on and off for what, a decade? I help maintain ~5 boxes currently at work (I know, not many, but we're a small company - < 30 people). I'm calm. We'll either upgrade to Enterprise, just switch to Fedora, or perhaps even jump to Novell/SuSE. BFD. The world is not ending. This is not one of the seven signs. Calm down, have some dip.
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