November 26th, 2003

Zoner en fuego!

Long weekend

Well, I figured out a different implementation for that PHP problem. Officially Cyphermint closed at 15:00 today, I stuck around to redo the PHP implementation and test out my new plan. I just finished a fair bit of testing and it seems to be working. PHP's DOMXML is slightly quirky, and not as friendly as, say, Perl's XML::LibXML. Perl lets you use XPath in a lot of the methods, turns out PHP doesn't. For example, in Perl you can pass findnodes() XPath. In PHP you shouldn't pass get_elements_by_tagname() XPath. Now, you'll find examples that show that - but I found a bug report over at with a reply stating that while that may have worked it is in correct and you should always pass it a plain tag name. So some of my troubles stemmed from the fact that I believed the examples I found, and PHP's DOMXML documentation *SUCKS*. It is mostly incomplete, or very light at best. So I wrote my own function which behaves more like findnodes() and reworked things.

My boss has decided that I must be in by 10:00 every day, and has reinforced that by scheduling a daily meeting for 10:00. I'm not really happy about that. Yeah, OK, 10:00 doesn't sound that early - but I'm a vampire, I have trouble getting to sleep before midnight. I'd been coming in more like 11:00, sometimes closer to noon when I'd worked later the previous night. Now I'm managing to get up, but only by setting one alarm for 08:00 and the other for 08:30. The earlier i try to get up, the more lead time I need to give myself to *really* wake up and get rolling. So I lose even more sleep by needing to have a longer 'snooze' zone, or risk being late. If I could just jump out of bed with the alarm I could get up at 09:00, but I don't work that way. Usually the first several snooze cycles I'm totally incoherent, kind of having waking dreams. The alarm is just noise and it doesn't mean anything. It'll take me a few rounds before I start to recognize it as an alarm, and then some more to realize that means I need to get up and go to work. Worst case I am so tired I'm still late because I get into a kind of waking dream where the alarm is part of the scenario and I either turn it off completely, or keep hitting snooze for hours. When I finally snap out of that I always feel totally disoriented.

Anyway, my body seems unhappy with this and in retaliation has been messing with my sleep cycles. My insomnia seems to be gone - instead I'll just wake up every few hours. Then in the middle of the day I'll suddenly become massively sleepy. Or it'll just hit me randomly and I'll go from feeling wide awake to feeling like I'm going to nod. Lots of fun when I'm driving.

So I'm happy to have 4 days in a row off. My big plans for the holiday center around SLEEP! No alarms, turning off the phones, etc.

Getting the PHP working was important for me too - because if I hadn't fixed that it would've plagued me all weekend. Lately I've been waking up from dreams about code way too much.
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