November 29th, 2003

Zoner en fuego!

Technical error in tonight's Geneshaft

TechTV's Anime Unleashed 'Geneshaft' episode tonight had a technical error. The space shuttle they found drifting was the Columbia. Now, I don't mean the fact that the Columbia was destroyed, they couldn't have foreseen that. The astronauts comment that they were taking supplies to the ISS when attacked by the ring.

Nope. The Columbia, being the first space worthy shuttle, was much heavier than the later shuttles which greatly reduced its lift performance. Columbia was never rigged for flight to the ISS, it couldn't reach the ISS's orbit with a sufficient load and it wasn't equipped to dock with the ISS if it could reach it.
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Zoner en fuego!


Take the Affliction Test Today!

Which Annoying B-list Celebrity Are You?

My Mormon name is DeMar Stockton Malone!

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<p>My Mormon name is <b>DeMar Stockton Malone</b>!<br \><a href="">What's yours?</a></p>
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Zoner en fuego!

Friday Five

1. Do you like to shop? Why or why not?

Yes and no. If I'm going to buy something in particular, yeah. I like new toys, new music or movies, etc. So if I'm doing something like hitting for some new anime, or picking up some new electronics, etc, I like the making the purchase since I know I'm going to be getting something fun. But if you mean the physical act of going to a mall, etc, to browse? No. I'm not a 'shopper' - I like to know what I'm going for and where to find it, so I can go right for it.

2. What was the last thing you purchased?

Well, my dinner tonight at Barber's Crossing. Putting aside things like meals, or grocery shopping... Hmm, that's a hard one. I haven't picked up any new media in a while. Oh! My new Eagle Creek wallet that I bought online. They shipped it priority and I got it 2 days later - on Wednesday. My old wallet, that I'd been carrying since college, finally got too battered to keep going. It served well. I wish I could've found one just like it - the new one is similar, but they changed it a bit over the years.

3. Do you prefer shopping online or at an actual store? Why?

Online, hands down. Very few things are better in person. I still like to grocery shop in person, but that's largely because walking the aisles in the store tends to jog my memory about things I'm out of, or low on. But I buy my books from Amazon, my DVDs from BestPrices, my CDs from one of those two, or Columbia House of BMG, electronics I tend to use sites like PriceWatch to find deals on, clothing I tend to buy from Big & Tall places online - Huffman's or Big & Tall Direct (I just bought several new pair of black jeans and a bunch of underwear from Huffman's), I get most of my shirts from websites - Right Stuf, Think Geek, Copyleft, etc. (I'm waiting for a reply to an email to Pegasus Publishing about a large order for a ton of new polo shirts since my old shirts are wearing out - if they have what I want I'll be ordering).

I prefer shopping online because it is a lot more convenient, and very easy. I can also find good deals online, I generally save a lot of money buying online instead of buying in stores - even after counting shipping charges. I can comparison shop from my PC, then buy the best deal. I do still browse stores sometimes - I'll go to Newbury Comics and look at CDs, or Suncoast and look at DVDs, etc, and I'll make impulse buys that way. But that's a lot rarer than buying online. Browsing Borders can be fun, but since I generally have a lot of books already on my 'to get' list I just keep my Amazon wishlist around as the list of things to buy when I have the time/money.

4. Did you get an allowance as a child? How much was it?

Yes, and I have no idea. I can't remember, and I know it went up over time. I think for a while my parents tried a 'piece work' kind of thing, where various chores earned money. I really don't remember much about it.

5. What was the last thing you regret purchasing?

Oh hell, um... I can't think of anything in recent memory. Though there have been a number of anime DVDs I've picked up over the years that BLEW HARD - especially some of the hentai. No pun intended.
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Drug shortage

I think CVS screwed me the last time I got my prescriptions refilled. Now that I'm getting low it seemed like one of my prescriptions was short, so I just counted the pills. Two of them I take one a day and get 30 at a time, the third I take 2 a day and get 60. So I should have X of the first two and 2X of the third left. I have 14 of each of the first two, and... 20 of the third. I'm 8 short! No way did I do that myself. I *always* take all three at once. Then I take the third again in the evening. There is no way in hell I managed to take it *8* times when I shouldn't - hell, I didn't do it once I'm sure.

Not sure what I can do, since it has been a few weeks since I had them filled - how can I prove they did it and I didn't just spill them or something? (I carry the bottles in my bag, if they spilled they'd be in there - I checked, no spill. Not like I wouldn't have noticed the cap being off.) It isn't too big a deal, the shortage is the Ranitidine - aka Zantac - which is for heartburn. But still, this shit isn't cheap - and the Ranitidine is the one NOT covered for me.
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Zoner en fuego!

Death and sex...

I miss my guns, especially my Glock...
You are MIREILLE - Beautiful and highly skilled,
you see killing as a business. Yet you can't
seem to shake those demons from your past, and
that is what continually drives you forward.
You never let personal feelings interfere with
your assignments. The CEO of Death, Inc.

What anime gun-toting hooligan are you?
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My outercourse activity is snuggling!

Which Sexual Outercourse Act Are You? (with pictures)
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