December 8th, 2003



So last week was really killer. I was working a lot, and the last few nights I just wasn't sleeping right - waking up again, etc. I thought I was past that, the week started out OK with solid sleep. Friday I woke up with a migraine that made me non-functional. Excedrin knocked it down enough for me to go to work. As the day went on some invisible assailant kept jabbing an icepick into my skull, right behind my right ear. And I generally felt increasingly shitty. By the time I left for home I felt chilled, had a sore throat, and generally felt weak. I sat in my car and shivered uncontrollably for a while before I could drive home. My entire weekend was shot by staying in bed dosed up on NyQuil, or DayQuil, depending on the time. I made myself stir-fry on Saturday, but couldn't finish it, so that was what I ate Sunday as well. No appetite. Today I'm dosed on DayQuil, and not getting much work done. I came in late since I had to dig out from the snow this weekend - and my fucking shovel broke. I was trying to lift a load and the metal handle just folded over on itself. I was tempted to just call in sick completely when I saw the plow wall behind my car since I'm still feeling weak and sore. Instead I ended up giving my neighbors, who were out snow blowing their driveway, $20 to clear that bit for me. It would've taken me a long time with the one cheap-ass shovel left after mine broke. I guess I'll hit Home Despot or Target, or something, on the way home to get a new shovel, just in case. I'm also out of both NyQuil and DayQuil...
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Zoner en fuego!

Um... sure...

theory slut
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Well, I don't want to look like that - but I sure wouldn't mind *dating* someone who looked like that. ;-)
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