December 30th, 2003

Zoner en fuego!

Did you know?

Did you know you can fit a 2"x2'x8' slab of styrofoam insulation into a PT Cruiser? You can! And if I wasn't so broad it probably wouldn't have been noticable when driving.

I hit Home Depot on the way home, finally. Of course they didn't have any box fans! They're seasonal items. But I did get plastic for my windows, outside covers for my window unit air conditioners (I don't take them out, like I have anywhere to put them if I did...), and a set of new locking knobs and deadbolts for both of my doors. (One of my deadbolts is busted - only locks and unlocks from inside. And the knobs I have now aren't locking at all.) I also picked up the aforementioned slab of insulating foam. My plan is to cut pieces to fit around the A/C units to insulate the window openings so I don't lose so much heat (or gain as much in the summer). They didn't have a smaller piece - and it was like $12 for the slab. :-)

So after that it was off to Target - where I did find a box fan... which I've just now noticed is no longer turning! WTF?! *fiddle* Damn it, it won't turn on now. And yes, I've tried other outlets, including one where something else plugged in is working. C'mon. this is brand new! I had it blowing the warm air from the heater, does this thing have some kind of cut-out if it gets hot?! *mutter* The last fan I had worked fine for several years before giving up the ghost.

Anyway, now that I'm a bit pissed, I also picked up a cheap, cheap hair dryer to use when I hang the plastic (it is that shrink stuff), and a few CDs.
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Mother Fscking Rat Bastards!

A while back I set up a follow-up visit with UMass for 1/12. Well, now I'll be at CES so I need to change it. So I called around 12:30 to change it - but they were at lunch and i was told to call back around 13:30. So I called just after 13:30 and I went into the queue...

At 16:30 they closed and FLUSHED THE QUEUE! I was listing to the same damn 5 minutes of pseudo-Celtic-wannabe shit music they loop for 3 hours, only to get dumped back to their answering service who told me they can't do anything and I'll have to call during business hours.
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