January 16th, 2004

TiVo Dude!

New toy!

Oh, my Pioneer 810H was waiting for me when I got back from CES. I brought it home last night, but I still have to make the time to rip apart my entertainment center and rewire it. After giving up on PlasmaKings I ordered from Abe's of Maine and they were spot on with there service. I'd recommend them. And none of that silly 'you have to call to confirm your order' stuff.

Oh, and another fun thing - I'm now co-maintainer of the tivolovers community! That makes me ridiculously happy for some reason. :-) I just gave it a facelift and redid the community info to have links to a LOT more resources. Trying to make it a bit more valuable.
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Zoner en fuego!

Hey, lizzielizzie...

Did you have the outing to Grand Opening and the Fetish Flea while I was in Vegas like has been planned? I don't remember hearing anything about it.
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Companies to avoid: Z-Buy.com

So my parents are having cable broadband installed at their new place in Florida and they need a Motorola SURFBoard cable modem. (Technically any DOCSIS modem, but Aldephia will support them remotely if they use Motorola.) It is cheaper to buy one then rent form from Aldephia, so my mom asked me to do so for her since she's not up on the 'shop online' thing.

I hit Pricewatch.com and found a good deal on one from Z-Buy.com. I'd never used them but they looked like most any online merchant. I placed my order - and that's where things started to go pear shaped. I started with one modem in my cart going into the checkout, but on the final screen it showed two. So I had to call and have them remove one of them. Then they notified me that since the shipping address wasn't registered with my credit card I needed to do so before they shipped it. So I called my credit card company and had them add my parents' address. So last Wednesday I got this:

Z-BUY.COM sent 1 Express Saver Package to Mr MegaZone on 01/07/2004. The tracking number is 639235495512.

The reference field for the shipment as entered by the sender is 2200840.

OK - looks like a shipping confirmation. So I think everything is OK. Tonight my mom calls to say they haven't received it yet, so I go through my email and find this from this Tuesday:

Dear Customer,
We apologize but our stock on the modem you ordered is depleted, we will therefore have to cancel your order, we apologize for the inconvenience.

What the hell? What kind of dumbass company sends out a notice with a tracking number for shipping then tells you a week later that the order didn't ship after all, and was, in fact, cancelled?! So tonight I ordered one again, this time from BestBuy.com with overnight shipping - paying a lot more for it - in the hopes it is there Tuesday when the installer shows up.
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