February 1st, 2004

Zoner en fuego!

Bobbing and personal growth and magic

Bob code Version 0.14
KPBpdh-$ lW2ul EHTW!++ m6 CPE(IV) B0 Ol Lm@ ScTjsMC@ T--(----) A6LAT
H7om b5 D1

Thanks to qedrakmar for pointing this one out. :-)

Edit - another code from him. The URL he had was busted, but I found it with Google. :-)

Personal Growth Geek Code 0.4
GG@ !T !A !M !g B C(-)@ P(+)@ a- !b h- E !N n i f+ fd+ fy c S++(&)@
D++(+++)@ R+++ xaw+ xap xj+ xi xw++$ ys !r !o ek+ v pl pe !d U?

I'm on a roll - another code he used that had gone defunct - I tracked it down at a new location.
The Magic Code
Version: 1.5.1
MCH X- PDI/NG+ W N@ !D A a- C++ G! Q-(---) 666>+@ Y
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