February 5th, 2004


Missing: My Mojo

If found, please contact zonereyrie

Man, something is seriously wrong with me. Lately work has been a complete slog. I haven't been able to write a single word for Eyrie Productions in *months*. I haven't even been able to focus enough to read most of the books I have in my 'to read' stack. I've stopped reading almost all of the online communities I used to be active in - now I'm basically reading only LJ and a handful of USENet groups. Every last one of my personal projects have stalled. I'm at least a month behind on shit for pmx and I can't get motivated.

I've lost my mojo. Nothing inspires me anymore, nothing motivates me. The most excited I get is when I rant about TiVo to someone - and that's kind of scary/sad, really. I've been totally distracting myself by playing with OK Cupid for the past week.

I hope my trip to Florida next week helps clear my head. This is getting real old.
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Zoner en fuego!

OK Cupid questions

The most interesting part of OK Cupid is how they do the matching based on statistics. Every answers questions, indicates how they'd like their match to answer, and gives a weight to the question ranging from Irrelevant to Mandatory. Each of the five levels are given a point value - 0,1,10,50,250. If someone answers with one of the replies you indicated were acceptable then they get the points, otherwise they get 0. So say you indicate question A is very important (50) and question B is a little important (1) - and someone matches A and doesn't match B. Then they get 50 of 51 possible points, or a 98% match. Now, it isn't that simple because they also scale based on the total number of mutual questions answered, etc. But you get the point. That's a fairly interesting way to do things. But what makes it such a time sync is that any user can submit questions into the system. They get vetted, but it does make for quite a range of questions. And questions are automatically weighted since someone can always say a it is irrelevant and then that question won't matter to someone matching your criteria.

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Anyone have some interesting suggestions for questions? :-) (Of course, you can just go sign up and submit them yourself...)
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Anime MZ

Now 33% less indie!

Hmm, how accurate is this?

Compared to males his age:

He is less indie than most.
He is less greedy than most.
He is less into sports than most.
He is less arrogant than most.
He is geekier than most.
He is less old-fashioned than most.
He is friendlier than most.

I think is is pretty good - but I'm not sure about the arrogant bit...
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