February 6th, 2004

Zoner en fuego!

Why am I still here?

So I'm slogging into work this morning, which took over twice as long as normal (>40 minutes) due to snow, and I'm almost to the office when I get a call - they're closing at 13:00 because of the snow. Well, it was 11:15 or so and I was almost there so I just kept going. (At around 12:15 conditions were bad enough that they just said screw it, everyone can go when they want.) I'm gone all next week, visiting my folks in Jupiter, FL, and I had loose ends to take care of today. But since everyone else went home I didn't get to work on most of those. I'd planned on going over the name-value pairs and XML I'm developing for the Cyphermint Payment Gateway with Dalip and Audrey, but that didn't happen. So I did my email, setup my away messages, etc. I feel like I'm forgetting something else... Then I checked LJ and OK Cupid - and ended up signing up on Orkut. I saw a profile on OK Cupid that just blew me away with its level of coolness and then started reading her LJ - ashliana. I went back, back, way back... but I just made myself stop because I really should get the hell out of the office. Oh, through her LJ I also learned about discord_society - attention usagijer aka Dru'El the Chaotic. :-)

I've been the only one here for a few hours now. I need to hit the mall on the way home, and then i should go back and get to bed at a decent hour. My flight isn't until 16:10 so the roads should be fine, and I don't have to leave that early. But last night I really didn't get more than 3-4 hours of sleep. I always get a bit anxious before a trip. What will I forget to pack this time? Will someone rob me blind while I'm away? Will my place burn down? Pipes freeze? Will my plane picturesquely spiral out of the sky to a hole in the ground where I'll die? Hmm, maybe I shouldn't read Aviation Week's accident articles just before I fly. ;-) Though there haven't been any doozies (doosies? How the hell do you spell that anyway?) lately like the vertical stabilizer departing the Airbus over NY, the horizontal stab jack-screw failure off Cali - and they (supposedly) fixed that little uncommanded rudder hard-over problem on the 737 a while back. ;-) Odds are if I can make it to the airport alive I'll make it to FL alive. :-)

And damn, I don't own any Digital Underground and I've got that damn song STUCK in my head now.

I see fnord people.
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