February 22nd, 2004

Computer stuff

What comes after Blu-Ray Disc and HD-DVD?

Holographic data storage.

I remember first reading about this with C-3d many years ago, which seems to have folded up at some point. It looks like InPhase Technologies is bringing it to market this year - for high end commercial systems to start. Looking at the product info they still have work to do on shrinking the systems and bringing costs down for the home. But this looks like the kind of thing we might have in the living room in 10 years.
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Pyramid Scheme

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Well, the T1 that feeds Sidehack, Hotblack, *and* Rei is down, has been since around 13:00. megazone.org is hosted on Sidehack. That means I have no access to mail or news until Verizon fixes the T1. What's especially annoying is that all my plans for today revolved around catching up on my email and email out a ton of stuff for PMX. *Primal scream deleted*

(Oh, and go vote for Cat Schwartz.)
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