March 26th, 2004

Eject! Eject! Eject!

Turning Japanese

I had two nice meals in a row. Last night I met up with mere at Osaka in Shrewsbury for dinner. I was somewhat ravenous as I normally don't eat breakfast and work was so hectic I didn't get to lunch. So I didn't eat anything at all until I was running out of the office around 19:30. When I got up to go I felt a little light headed so I slammed down a Mountain Dew and a package of peanut butter crackers and ran out the door. I didn't realize they don't have any 'kitchen' entrees - it is sushi or tappanyaki. Since we'd sat at the bar I just did an appetizer dinner - soup, salad, gyoza, and vegetable tempura. Then I got cheesecake. Oh, and we split edamame. All in all very yummy, and I was surprisingly satisfied as to my hunger. (The previous night when I'd done the same thing - no food - and ended up at Piccadilly Pub around 22:30 and ravenously consumed soup, salad, buffalo wings, and steak tip dinner - and probably would've had dessert if it weren't so late.)

Then today a few of us from work hit FuGaKyu in Sudbury for lunch. Edamame (I love edamame), Idaho maki, and chicken katsu curry bento for lunch. So very good. I kind of wish I didn't loathe seafood so much. Sushi looks *so* good, but I just can't stand the taste of fish. And yes, I do eat some veggie sushi (like the aforementioned maki). Maybe I should head over to Sakura Tokyo for dinner and complete the hat trick. :-)

mere seems pretty cool. We met through a weird coincidence. I sent a comment to her on OKCupid after seeing her profile there, and it turns out that shortly before I did that_xmas had name dropped me in a thread in her LJ about changing your name. It turns out we know a number of the same people. She's a ball of manic energy, I was highly amused - she reminded me a little of Jordan from Real Genius. Maybe Jordan crossed with Delirium. :-) (In case you don't know me that well - that'd be a compliment in my book.) I want to hang out with her some more, she's interesting.

And she took my cherry - twice!
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Computer stuff

Death to serial 'befrienders'

I just found a useful trick -

You don't have to wait for someone to post to your LJ to ban them - and I found an interesting, unmentioned side effect of banning someone. It appears to drop them from your 'Friend of' list too. I got added by one of those serial adders a while back, miranda2005, and it was always kind of annoying having the name in the list when I was scanning for new additions, etc. But I knew asking her to remove me was pointless. But I thought I'd try the ban and was pleasantly surprised to see her off my list.
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