May 3rd, 2004

Computer stuff

Looking for PHP extension clue

For work we have a PHP extension written in C++. The extension implements our cryptography code so the PHP version of our merchant scripts can use it. We've only had a couple of PHP users to date and things had been working OK. Now we have more and one of them gets a segfault when they run the code - and they're on FreeBSD 4.5, which is fairly old. On their box, and another (FreeBSD 4.9) instead of building you end up with - which I believe is an error in the config.m4 file. (Renaming the .so manually works.) The thing is I really don't know much about PHP extension coding - I didn't write this one either. The original crypto code came from our Russian team, and my boss modified it and wrapped it to create the extension. But I'm the one who has to work with it so I'd really like to resolve these issues. The thing is, on my Red Hat boxes and my FreeBSD 4.7 box here it works fine - it builds the correctly named file and no segfaults. I haven't worked with C++ in nearly 10 years until this came up, so I'm rather rusty. And I'm still trying to figure out the PHP extension issues - so if anyone has a few spare cycles and is willing to peruse the code and hit me with a clue bad, It'd be appreciated. - there are 2 PHP related tarballs. One is the crypto source, the other is the merchant scripts that then use the .so the source builds. (There is also the Perl Kit there if you're curious - but that's been working fine. I can put up the ASP or ColdFusion versions if you really want to see them. ;-) I don't maintain those.)
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Cyphermint hiring for junior network/system admin

Cyphermint is located in Marlbrough, MA on Route 20 - just west of I495. If you're interested in this either email me your resume (at work - megazone at cyphermint dot com) or email If you plan to use my name it'd be nice of you to tell me so before you do it so I'm not blind-sided. (Last time I posted an opening someone named dropped me and I only found out when Bob asked me about them. It probably didn't make them look very good when I just kind of blinked and said 'who?' until my brain kicked in and i remembered the name.)

The guy who runs ops, Paul, is kind of gruff at first but actually pretty cool when you get to know him - I rather like him. If you *know* your shit he respects you and your opinion, if you're *full* of shit you'll definitely know what he thinks of you. ;-) The position is primarily *Windows* administration, along with some Cisco PIX and router work, and general networking and PC support - with a teeny bit of Red Hat Linux. This is an entry/low end kind of position and we're really a start-up, so the pay isn't great - but the company is growing so there is opportunity to move up over time. Our current admin found a higher level gig with more pay closer to home - a deal he couldn't refuse, and rightfully so So he's gone in two weeks - which means they'll want to fill this soon. If you have any questions about the job either post a comment or hit me in email. Oh, and if you can understand Russian that probably works in your favor - Paul and some of the other developers are Russian, and we have a team working there too. So they always like it when someone else can handle things in Russian when needed. At the very least you can't be bugged by the fact people will be talking Russian around you - so if you're paranoid and think they're talking about you, you should probably not take it. ;-)

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Eject! Eject! Eject!

Oh My frelling God

Even Otaku have freaky fringe elements - I give you from_fiction and otakukiness

Remember my recent comments pertaining to anime fandom and burnout?

And yes, I fully recognize that my *name* is MegaZone. However I don't think I'm the reincarnation of Shogo Yahagi.
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