May 10th, 2004

Zoner en fuego!

Catch all...

Random things in one entry...

Yesterday I drove out to West Springfield to meet my parents for lunch/dinner (it was a bit after 15:00 - so a late lunch or early dinner I suppose) for Mother's Day. That's kind of the half-way point between me in Worcester and they in Ballston Lake. A little. It was nice to see them again, I don't see them that often. It ended up being longer than I'd expected, and traffic going both ways was *crazy* between exit 10 and exit 9 on the pike - I guess a shitload of people were going between the Boston and New York areas or something. And I290 was a bit snarled with the construction. So by the time i got home it was much later than I expected - and I was *dead*. I'd gone into work 'for a little while' Saturday night after dinner (like 22:30) and left after 05:00 Sunday. Since I was so late I just crashed instead of going to Jer's for the pow-wow. I figured I'd already missed a good chunk, and I was literally falling asleep anyway. So I actually slept a fair bit for once - though I still felt like staying in bed this morning.

I get to see my parents again this coming weekend - in Florida. I'm flying down Friday and coming home Monday. It is kind of a working trip - they need me to take care of some family stuff, and while I'm there I also get to setup my dad's new PC and get it on the 11g network I setup last time I was down there. :-) I also get to re-setup their Explorer 8000 cable box DVR that Adelphia reset on them - maybe I'll try to convince them to get a TiVo again. :-) Since they have the 11g network I get to try our my new laptop at their place too. I wish I could stay a bit longer, but I'm under the gone to finish the payment gateway at work. I've posted about that in my 'Work' filter.

Speaking of which - a reminder, I have a filter for work related stuff. I created that to keep the tales of work and geek stuff from annoying too many people. If you're on my friends list and you want to see those posts just let me know and I'll add you to the filter. I'm actually posting more stuff there again - and I have more stuff to post in my head if I find the time to write it up.

I'm considering creating a TMI filter too... but then I'm not sure there is anything I'd be comfortable posting in such a filter that I wouldn't just post publically or for friends behind a cut or something. I generally don't post every detail of my life, especially sex life - and you're welcome. Not that there has been anything to post in a while...

I've had a crick in my neck for a couple of days now and it can go away any time now. Thanks.
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