May 24th, 2004


Anyone have pictures of me from the wedding?

I'd really like to see any photos anyone managed to get of my in my wedding outfit from Saturday. Since I was best man and all I didn't really think to ask anyone to specifically take my picture, and I really haven't been able to see what I looked like other than brief glances of bits of myself in mirrors. :-)
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Free sneakers!

Anyone want a pair of brand new, never worn canvas Converse Chuck Taylors? The catch - they're size 14. :-)

I picked them up when i was looking for wedding footwear (it was casual, and my outfit was kind of khaki...). I wear a 13, but I couldn't find that and I grabbed the 14s to be safe. But at another store I found a pair of Top-Siders which I ended up wearing instead.

So - free sneakers. Unless I need to ship them or something, then I'd ask that you pay for that.
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Zoner en fuego!

Stock footage gaffs

I'm watching an episode of Columbo off my TiVo (The Most Crucial Game) and they did a little stock footage of LAX, including an undercarriage shot of an aircraft landing.

An aircraft which was quite obviously a B-52. It has an extremely distinctive landing gear configuration.

Such things amuse me.
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