May 29th, 2004

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So very tired...

The past several weeks - especially the past couple - have been, well, hellish. I'm *extremely* sleep deprived, in a deep way that's hard to describe. I'm *beyond* being sleepy or tired. The jokes about narcolepsy are funny because they're basically true - my body wants rest badly enough that I can basically turn off just by letting myself. This has just been a very busy time - even the weekends have been scheduled for something. I haven't been shopping in so long that my fridge is almost *empty*. Most of my dishes are dirty - i haven't had time and/or energy to wash them in a few weeks. And my allergies have been shitty despite the Claritin - before I take it in the morning is especially nasty. Fucking trees.

There are a lot of various things I've been meaning to post about, and perhaps I'll get to them soon...

But right now, despite being damn tired, hungry, and drained - I'm happy.

Why? Because shortly after midnight the project that's been kicking my ass for the past several weeks reached code completion. I implemented and tested the last scheduled feature for the release, which is for the 5/31 deadline. Technically I'm not done - I still have to clean up the XSL used to generate the HTML and email output, but that's fairly light work. And I can do that on my laptop at home, I've already installed XMLSpy on it.

So I get to sleep this weekend, go shopping, and maybe tackle those dishes. :-)

This is my baby. I spent nearly a year pushing the concept, and the past six months on proposals, design, implementation, and testing. The Cyphermint Pay Cash Payment Gateway should go live for initial customer test on 06/01.


Now I go feed.
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